Election integrity begins before the vote


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Why is it that the caustic debate over election integrity has focused only on issues that took place during and after the vote? Think about it. Is election interference before we vote acceptable? It seems to be in Pennsylvania. Here is why:

Voting district boundaries in Pennsylvania are crafted in private by a committee of five comprised mostly of political party leaders.

No opportunity is provided for voters or rank-and-file legislators to have input into this process under current rules. Undemocratically, the main focus of this secretive partisan process is to draw voting district boundaries that are designed to influence the outcome of future elections in each district. One of the most important intended outcomes is to keep incumbent legislators in office.

How is this not an issue of election integrity?

So, I have to ask…if interfering with votes during or after they have been cast is enough to ignite bitter debate over election integrity, then why isn’t there the same level of outrage when votes are manipulated before they are cast?

Right now a Legislative and Congressional Redistricting Act (LACRA) bill sits in both the PA House (HB22) and Senate (SB222).

It is designed to address pre-election voting interference by making the redistricting process transparent; by enabling input from all voters and legislators; and by instituting strict rules to reduce partisanship.

If voting integrity matters to you, urge your state representative and senator to support democracy by endorsing HB22/SB222 now.

Learn more at the Fair Districts PA website.


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