Helium balloons


Lock Haven

In this era of environmental awareness and concern, I find it difficult to believe that we are still releasing helium-filled balloons, as reported in an article in your newspaper of April 24.

Do we not understand that those balloons eventually come back down? The result is not only unsightly litter, but also a danger to fish, wildlife and domestic/farm animals as they sometimes eat the material or get tangled in the string or ribbon that is attached to it. The material that these balloons are made of does not magically disappear overnight, but may remain in the environment for years.

If a person would throw trash along a highway or elsewhere they would be subjected to a fine. Is it any different to let latex or other material fly away and later fall to the ground?

This letter is not meant in any way to minimize the sorrow of losing a loved one or the desire to honor that person. It is simply an attempt to encourage folks to celebrate in a more environmentally friendly manner.


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