To the rescue?



Just because you are offended doesn’t mean you are correct.

Once again, an area school district in Bellefonte Pennsylvania has decided the symbol of a native American and the logo Red Raiders is offensive. To whom, and why is it offensive?

I am curious as to how many individuals who found this symbol and logo offensive are members of any local nation/tribe? Or perhaps do they have a direct connection to any Native American tribe or nation?

Is this another case of “do-gooders” who know what is best for everyone and feel it is their duty to convince us to share their point of view?

Most people who see a symbol of a Native American think of a proud, strong, reliant, brave (no pun intended) group of people.

Native Americans also demonstrated a strong belief in community and family. Qualities that are commendable even in today’s world.

I am reminded of a situation that arose when the issue of sport teams using the depiction or logo of native Americans first arose several years ago. A school district in New Mexico received a letter informing them that their sport teams name and logo could be offensive to native Americans and they should consider changing the name and logo. In his response to the letter the head of the school board informed the letter writer of the following: “Thank you for your concern, but since the majority of instructors and staff are of Native American ancestry and 100% of our student body are Native Americans, we will let you know when something offends us. Thank you again for your concern.”


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