Common sense at a premium

My mother was one of the most educated people I ever knew. She never attended college, but she and my dad shared a commodity currently at a premium: common sense.

Between the two of them, I didn’t win many debates, my bachelor’s degree notwithstanding.

Another subject I broached carefully with my Great Depression-era parents was sacrifice.

Mom and Dad are long gone, but I wonder what the remaining members of their generation think about a society that clamored for a COVID-19 cure while resisting the steps needed to fight the virus.

How do we reconcile trumpeting the Constitution and partisan politics to avoid wearing a face mask while over 600,000 people die?

The Great Depression generation must wince at us being coaxed/cajoled/bribed with gift cards and scholarships to take the vaccine.

Ohio offered a chance to win a $1 million prize — over a vaccine that’s free.

Vaccine lotteries abound in other states too.

As a baby boomer, I can’t speak for our elders.

But I humbly thank them for their World War II rationing, and general selflessness without expecting something in return.


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