Wall Street must be brought under control


Lock Haven

For too long, Wall Street has preyed on average, honest Americans.

The brokers, market makers and fund managers have ignored any and all rules and regulations, instead treating the markets like their own personal piggy banks.

Dark pool transactions, synthetic share creation, dishonest ladder attacks and coordinated media aggressions have been carried out with no real enforcement from the federal Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), or the self-governing bodies that control our financial systems.

Now we stare at the ever-widening black hole of synthetic shorts, an all-consuming mass that will inevitably devour most of, if not the entire stock market. Couple this with cascading bank failures, skyrocketing inflation, and significant supply issues, and I believe we are facing a potential society-ending collapse.

These predatory, parasitic, terroristic hedge funds must be held accountable.

If we as a nation manage to stage off complete collapse, then the ensuing bailout discussions must begin with the arrest and trial of these economic criminals. They threaten the very foundation of our country, and we can no longer turn a blind eye to their financial terrorism.


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