Where to find a good doctor anymore

When did the doctors stop taking the hypocratic oath?

Doctors had compassion and cared for their patients. They never left the government tell them what to do. You would go to one and tell them what was wrong and they told you right on the spot what to do to take care of it. Doctors now send you to a different one for every little thing.

It seems to me that it is all about money. I wonder if some of these so-called doctors care more about money than their patients.

I had a great doctor about five years or so ago.

My back doctor wanted me to have a complete MRI of the spine, so I went to another one for a second opinion.

They gave me a paper to sign for the new doctor to see me, so they said.

The new doctor got all of the files from my doctor and now I can’t go back to my original doctor.

They said they were trying to save me, but I have been let go for so long I don’t think they can fix anything. They took me off my meds that worked and now I take so many they’re destroying the rest of me. Where can we go to find a true doctor anymore? Ready to give up.


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