True history twisted


Mullica Hills, N.J.

As a legal immigrant to the greatest country in the history of our world, it’s very disturbing to see Americans trying to tear this country apart with outrageous lies about its history.

Do the children in our schools get a real education on the history of slavery in our world, or is the focus only on America?

Even with the focus on America, the true history of slavery has been severely twisted.

For those people who vilify America because of the practice of slavery in the 1700s and 1800s, it might be enlightening to know that almost all countries around the world practiced slavery in the past.

Should we name every country in which slavery was ever practiced for any length of time and condemn them also?

In addition, it is of utmost importance to honor those brave men and women of the Civil War era, who in many cases made the ultimate sacrifice in helping to abolish the practice of slavery in this country.

Today we are treated to some nice sounding words and phrases like “equity” and “social justice.” It would be helpful to hear a clear definition of what is meant and how we will recognize “equity” and “social justice” when they are finally achieved.

The intention may be equality and unity, but the results will always lead to more divisiveness.

I do not believe there has ever been “equity” and “social justice” since the beginning of human existence.

America is about equality of opportunity for all, not the equality of outcomes, which only creates division. It’s like taking 25 points from the child who scores 100 and giving it to the child who scores 50.


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