What did his death prove?


White Hall

Recently an old friend from my home town area of Centre County died of COVID.

He flat refused to wear a face mask or get the COVID vaccine shot.

I am not sure if his reluctance was politically motivated or if he just didn’t want to for personal reasons. It was ironic that his very own brother was in the hospital earlier in the year with COVID. Fortunately, he pulled through.

This man died of COVID for what reason? If politically motivated, does anyone in the Republican party even care?

If because he was scared of getting a shot, was it worth it for him to die?

If he stood up for his beliefs, were those beliefs worth more then him seeing his wife every morning or seeing his grandchildren grow up?

How many others did he infect with COVID because he didn’t believe in shots or vaccines? Did he accidentally infect an innocent bystander who got infected from his breath spreading the disease?

COVID prevention isn’t political or masculine or hypocritical, it is a way to stop a disease that can kill people.

I am sure this old friends family and friends would rather he had gotten the shot and wore the mask so we could still be enjoying his friendly personality and seeing him drive his old pick up and wave “hello” as he passed us on the highway.

What did his death prove? It proved that people who are dying are the ones who didn’t get the COVID shot or wear the mask!

That is exactly what his death proved!


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