Do not jeopardize my personal information


Port Matilda

For $20, anyone can obtain county lists of Pennsyl-vania voters, since this is public information covered by the “Sunshine Law.”

Apparently our state legislators don’t know about this wonderful service available at www.pavoterservices.pa.gov.

They will receive the name, address, date of birth, party, polling place and other information in a timely fashion.

Alas, our Republican state legislators aren’t content with this information.

They now wish to subpoena drivers’ license and Social Security numbers, too.

They will hand all this data over to an as-yet unnamed contractor, with undefined security practices, to make sure there were no 2020 election shenanigans, despite having no evidence of substantive fraud.

As a previous victim of identity theft, I strongly object to the distribution of the additional personal information, which are key pieces used by “bad actors,” a phrase used by Sen. Jake Corman in his recent op-ed.

Corman asserts that we must “make our election system stronger and more secure.”

I would rather have my personal identifiers made stronger and more secure, thank you.


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