Don’t hurt rank and file employees of Glenn Hawbaker



I understand from The Express that the Glenn O. Hawbaker company pleaded no contest, and subsequently paid $20 million reimbursement to the state and to employees.

I also read that facing criminal charges, Hawbaker cannot bid on new Pennsylvania projects.

This reminds me of the Penn State pedophile trials of some years ago. Among other “penalties,” the university was forced to “cancel” 10 years of wins for not responding quickly and completely to the (now proven) criminal actions of a former coach.

The losers, therefore, were the athletes who had won the games and then had them taken away at that time.

In the case of Hawbaker, I suspect that the owners of the company are financially secure.

So it would seem that denying the company the ability to bid on projects will mainly impact the workers whose employment relies on the company securing projects.

I am not versed in employment regulations.

Perhaps those who are involved with these decisions and who are certainly more knowledgeable than I regarding regulations can discover a way to address those who may eventually be convicted of being lawbreakers without impact to the employees.


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