Is it time for a ‘Bill of Responsibilities?’



I applaud Daniela Ribitsch’s letter, “Protecting our children,” published on Sept. 11 in The Express about wearing masks, but I’m suspicious that using reason to explain things to some people is a waste of time: Reason has no influence on hotheads and zealots.

Not that all opponents to masks fit in that category, but many do. It is the age-old dichotomy: “Me the person” or “We the people.”

It is probable some never heard of the “we the people” concept or were just not paying attention, though it is in the preamble to the U.S. Constitution.

Do we teach that anymore and explain its significance?

The slight inconvenience of wearing a mask has been compared by some people to the holocaust, an absurd and ridiculous, and dangerous comparison.

Many died in the holocaust, but millions are saved with masks.

Those are facts, but some people are indifferent to and even hostile to facts when they oppose their point of view, otherwise, they are welcome.

Then again, some people are just anti-authority, and will do anything to oppose it even if they have to cut off their nose to do so… or thousands must die from a virus. Some people are so engrossed by their rights that they will gladly trample the rights of others.

In fact, some people will declare outright that their rights are far more important than the rights of others, even if it involves the right to life.

Maybe it is time to impose some standards in the schoolroom and tell parents that some things are far more important than their petty complaints.

Maybe it is time to demand that authority get some respect.

Maybe it is time to create a Bill of Responsibilities.

Maybe it is time to create a set of standards if students want a diploma.

Some of them have no concept of “we the people.”


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