Sen. Casey should back carbon fee


State College

Bloomberg News reported Sept. 3 that the Senate Finance Committee is seriously considering putting a $15 per ton price on carbon in the budget reconciliation package.

This fee would be paired with a rebate for low-income taxpayers and a border-adjustment tax to ensure that foreign companies can’t take advantage.

This is encouraging news. President Joe Biden has set a 50 percent reduction goal for carbon emissions by 2030.

But, without a price on carbon, projections are clear that the goal will not be met even accounting for the administration’s other carbon-reducing actions and plans. Adding a price on carbon would guarantee that America uses its best tool to prevent the worst impacts of climate change.

Pennsylvania U.S. Sen Bob Casey is a key member of the Senate Finance Committee.

I encourage Sen. Casey to support a price on carbon in the budget reconciliation package.

He will be helping his constituents, his nation, and the world if he does.


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