Who is in charge?



Who is in charge? Just a simple question. How will you answer it in regard to the following subjects:

— Leaving Americans behind in Afghanistan.

— Leaving millions of dollars of military equipment for the Taliban in Afghanistan.

— Letting more children be shot and killed in Chicago than the number of children who die in the U.S. of COVID-19.

— Letting people enter our country without vetting them for disease or criminal background.

— Requiring all workers to be vaccinated regardless of their personal choice.

— Limiting access to transportation if not vaccinated.

— Releasing prisoners who were tried and convicted of rape and murder.

— Putting many people out of work on the Keystone pipeline.

— Changing the rules and regulations week by week

I’m not saying who, but would sure like to know.

Do you know?

It all seems so vague when the people in “authority” make the announcements on TV. So perhaps we have as much chance of knowing as the old TV show said, “Will the real person stand up!”


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