Biden and racism



I want to address a letter to the editor printed on Oct. 6 and entitled, “To the new Donald Trump Campaign.”

The Lock Haven Express prints a lot of letters from both sides of issues, including Michael D’Antonio.

The Express has the protection of the Constitution as we do. Sometimes it’s all the American people have now since Washington and the Republican party have their own agenda that I believe is hurting everyone.

The issue I have with the letter writer is the accusation that Joe Biden is a racist.

As an amateur genealogist, I want to say that no fair-minded person thinks just because an ancestor owned slaves hundreds of years ago that their descendant is a racist.

As an example, if you watch “Finding your Roots” with Henry Lewis Gates, many of the people fatured have found their families held slaves.

These people include politicians, celebrities and others who address the issue differently but for the most part find it wrong.

As an example, Ava Duvernay’s family came from the island of Santa Domingo, the same place my family came from, and her family owned slaves. So it is very possible that my family owned slaves, as well.

Just because Joe Biden’s ancestors owned slaves doesn’t make him a racist. In my opinion, white people carry prejudice down through the generations, never speaking out about it. When they are faced with it, they fail to speak out against it and others keep practicing it.

We have to decide whether Trump and his father were racists when they refused to rent their buildings to people of color, or is Joe Biden a racist because his family held slaves hundreds of years ago?


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