Call out privacy Infringement by Senate ‘audit’ committee



Why does Jake want your private information? Why does he want it to go to a third party? This investigative committee is a farce and nothing but an attempt to remain unchallenged and in power.

The fact that Jake is leading the way to subpoena information from voting records such as driver’s license numbers, the last four digits of social security numbers, and a record of who people voted for is an incredible violation of privacy.

The Majority Leader, Sen. Ward, stated that this is ‘intrusive and overreaching’. I don’t understand how Jake, who claims to care about rights and privacy, can justify using taxpayer money on frivolous lawsuits and is fine with releasing information to a third party.

The lack of true transparency regarding as to why Jake wants to get access to and release private information of voters via the courts is extremely irresponsible. Jake is someone speaks about less government interference, but his actions are the opposite, including support for preemption, invading privacy, and continuing to abuse the court system for political gain. Our government should not be doing this.

The most pressing concern regarding voters’ privacy is the lack of planning from committee leadership to address how the sensitive information they want to gather will be stored, used, or who has accessibility to is beyond alarming. Make your voices heard and write to your State Senator about how you want your privacy protected and not given freely to others.


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