COVID-19 vaccine mandates


Mill Hall

Americans who believe in freedom need to reach out to lawmakers in the state House and Senate, urging them to pass HB262 that 76th District state Rep. Stephanie Borowicz has co-sponsored. The proposed legislation provides for “the right of an employee or prospective employee to refuse to participate in an invasive medical test or injection required by an employer.”

It is time for the American people to become pro-active rather than re-active. Was COVID-19 a pandemic or, as I believe, was it a way for left-wing politicans to divide and conquer? I know that COVID-19 is real contagious, but so is the flu and the common cold. All are real and contagious, and yes, there are people who die from any of the three viruses. The next time cold and flu season comes around are we going to social distance, wear masks and shut down the country?

Every year the flu shot comes out, are you forced to take it? No. Why? Because we as Americans have the freedom to choose our own healthcare. There is a pneumonia shot and a shingle shot, if you want it. If you get cancer, you can choose if you want chemo, or you can choose no treatment at all. What makes COVID-19 different? Politics.

We want people to work. We don’t want people living on unemployment, or worse yet, public assistance. Yet I say the Democrats are forcing people to get the COVID-19 shot. Democrats are passing rules, not laws, trying to force people to take what I consider an experimental COVID vaccine or lose their job. It seems we are becoming a communist nation, not a Democracy.

You are threatening employees to receive the shot or be terminated. In a university setting, you force employees to get the shot but allow 91,000 students not to receive the shot. You have more students than you have employees. You’re telling university employees that they must become lab rats if they want to keep their jobs.

Do you think Joe Biden cares if Americans get the vaccine? I think his aim is to distract Americans about what is really happening. You know, Joe Biden is destroying the economy, Joe Biden killing American soldiers, Joe Biden killing the Keystone Pipeline, Joe Biden giving the Taliban millions of dollars in guns and ammo that will be used in war to kill Americans. Let’s not forget Joe Biden allows illegal immigrants into the U.S., untested for COVID-19 and unvaccinated.

How is it that the party of “my body, my choice” is screaming that everyone must get the shot? What happened to my body, my choice? I am a firm believer that if you want the shot, you should get it. I respect that. You should have respect for my opinions. I am living through COVID-19 and I don’t want the shot. We the people need to stop allowing Democrats to dictate our future. Stop the craziness of the shot mandate.


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