Government shutdown 2021



What nerve! The audacity displayed by Congress to consider a shutdown of the government of the people they have been elected to serve is shameful!

Certainly they have lost sight of their purpose in disregarding the very duties they were elected to perform.

It is time our elected officials humble themselves and come to the understanding that they are employees of the American voters.

It is time they acknowledge their loyalties belong not to a party, but to the American voters who allowed them the privilege to be administrators and lawmakers.

And it is time for all Americans to take responsibility, appreciate the value of the right to vote, and use that privilege to place people in office who care about us — not their party affiliation and not their personal agendas.

Voters must preempt the tactics of our elected officials by becoming well informed of who they are putting in office.

It is critical that we know who we are voting for, study their objectives, and know how they will perform in office before we entrust them to such serious duties. We must hold them accountable to carry out their oaths.

Only then will we avoid such dire situations where they act like children who cannot have their own way and threaten to solve our nation’s problems by going home to pout. It is disgraceful.


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