I grieve for our Democracy


State College

This morning at Wegmans I fell in love with a 2-year-old red-headed boy in front of the milk and egg case. Seated in his perch on mom’s shopping cart he pointed jubilantly at the trains overhead, smiling and laughing, amazed that trains could travel in the air.

At once I felt such joy at his innocence and exuberance for life — followed by a deep sadness. I am weary, but he is not.

I need signs of hope in these dark days. As Frank Bruni recently wrote of the former president with his “reckless actions and rancid character,” I am disappointed — no, crushed — that so few Republicans have the temerity to counter the lies that are being perpetrated by the former guy and his boot-lickers.

If you don’t realize that Trumpism borders on autocracy and anarchy you are sadly misinformed. The Jan. 6 insurrection was nothing short of an attempted coup.

It was not another “tourist day” in the U.S. Capitol. It was not an innocent rally. It was a threatening, illegal, bloody, dirty attempt at overturning our democracy.

Shame on you, all of you meek and spineless Republicans.

You allow your zeal for power to overwhelm your sense of right and wrong. I doubt that you can even discern right from wrong now that you’ve been so thoroughly immersed in right-wing indoctrination. I grieve for our democracy. I grieve for that innocent little red-haired boy. And I grieve for my children, and their children.

Mr. Corman, your support of a man with a rancid character does little to further our democracy and our country’s desperate need for healing.


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