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In the past when I go to vote and there are judges on the ballot, I usually don’t know much about them except the city they are from. The other candidates on the ballot I have either met or read about and feel confident of placing my vote. This year I decided to look at the judge candidates and here is what I found — not politically — but who they are as everyday people.

Judge Kevin Brobson (for Supreme Court) was born and raised in Lycoming County and the son of a retired PA State Trooper. He is the grandson of a former Philadelphia police officer. His mother worked in Little League Baseball’s National Headquarters in Williamsport. He went to college in central PA. He has ruled in favor of gun rights; school choice, and the justiciability of constitutional challenges to congressional districts drawn by the state legislature. He and his wife Lauren, are raising their three children in a rural community just outside Harrisburg. He is often found coaching teams, cheering on the sidelines, running the after-school family shuttle, cooking dinner, and walking the family dogs.

Megan Sullivan (for Superior Court) is also a daughter of a PA State Trooper. She has 20 years of experience as both a criminal prosecutor and civil attorney. She has handled all aspects of criminal prosecutions and prosecuted an extensive range of crimes, ranging from child abuse to white collar fraud.

Judge Drew Crompton (for Commonwealth Court) was born and raised in Montgomery County and graduated from Phil-Mont Christian Academy High School, Dickinson College and Widener School of Law in Harrisburg. He was the point lawyer for dozens of high-profile cases including redistricting, negotiating a settlement with the NCAA, budget disputes and separation of power cases (often to rein in the power of the Governor or other executives). He and his wife, Megan have been married for 17 years and live in Cumperland County with their two daughters. His current appointed term to the Commonwealth Court runs from January 2020 to January 2022.

Stacy Wallace (for Commonwealth Court) is a daughter of a former PA State Trooper and a certified medical technician. She hails from Northwest PA. Stacy initially pursued a career in broadcast communications before an ad to provide free legal aid to low-income individuals and victims of domestic violence motivated her to attend law school. She is actively involved in her community and her church. She passed the bar exam in 2004 and over the past 16 years has practiced in a variety of legal areas and taught as an adjunct professor at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford. She currently lives with her husband of 16 years and their two children.

These thumbnail sketches don’t tell everything about the candidate’s professional life but they gave me some insight into the person that makes the professional decisions. Hope they help you know a little more about who you are voting for. bales of “humanitarian aid” money.


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