Repeating history


Lock Haven

Look carefully at the history of Venezuela. They were at one point a Democratic nation. They enjoyed a rich economy and were relatively safe on their streets and homes.

Then the Socialist Party gained control of their country. Laws were passed to “redistribute the wealth” and stiff fines and Jail terms were given to people who “slandered public figures.” Then the energy and telecommunication companies were nationalized. The political power was redistributed to a select few. Inflation went through the roof, increased unemployment and food shortages became the norm.

Look very carefully at the proposals that the far left are trying to get passed in congress. With the net result of government control of wealth, healthcare, speech and guns. They have stated that in order to increase their power they will add new states to the union in order to gain more Democratic senators.

They want to put more judges on the Supreme Court so that any legislation that they pass will be deemed Constitutional. Effectively removing the checks and balances that are now in place. Look carefully at the blatant efforts to use our schools to brainwash our children in the Socialist doctrine. The division of our cities by race, color and creed. Hitler used these methods to create the Youth Corps.

The use of a federal agency to intimidate those who voice their dissent. The proposed use of the IRS to monitor EVERY bank account in the USA. The policy of forced mandation of vaccinations upon people who wish to control what is done to their body. What is next??? Camps for the non-vaccinated? The German Nazi SS were fond of these methods.

Look long and hard at what is happening now in this nation. Then look at the history of socialism, which is what is being put forth by the far left.


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