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I am writing in response to the Sept. 29 letter to the editor titled, “The freedom to die,” from someone in the socialist (SoCom) bastion of State College.

First, let me state that the following content is strictly my opinion.

The main gist of the author’s letter is to push a narrative that blames the Republicans as to why some Americans remain unvaccinated.

It’s hard to believe that the liberals who constantly claim the government has no right to dictate a woman’s health issue (abortion) are at the same time eager to endorse the governments right to mandate everyone else’s health issues (vaccinations).

However, the author fails to mention the fact that the Biden Administration is transporting illegal aliens, mostly from Haiti, to numerous locations throughout the U.S. It has been reported that approximately one-third of them have COVID and most of the rest are unvaccinated.

It seems to me that it is absolutely insane to chastise Americans who, for whatever reason, choose not to get the shot, while at the same time giving a free-pass to non-citizens to invade our country and spread COVID.

This is just another attempt by the left to create a health emergency so that they can blame it on the Republicans.


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