The anti-abortion Law


Lock Haven

When I grew up I was around special needs children which I loved.

When I was 16, I got pregnant and my parents made me give up my son for adoption. I am 70 years old now.

At 69 years old I got a surprise of my lifetime, my son was trying to find me and our Children and Youth helped him. Then we started to correspond between each other. At Christmas, I had received a very nice present from him and his wife.

So you girls who go the abortion way will never get to feel that joy and happiness that I did. The day I learned this it brought tears of joy to me.

After 53 years apart, finally, I get to know my oldest son. Still to this day I have not met him and his wife in person, maybe if the good Lord is willing it will be this year.

So I say for the Supreme Court’s decision on this anti-abortion law — Praise The Lord!


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