The economic cost of banning abortions


Mill Hall

Everyone in America wants a good life for their children.

But women in 26 states may soon leave jobs, forced to bear a child, rather than having that choice.

The #1 reason for abortion is a family can’t afford to have a child (75% are low income women, 60% have children).

Though many politicians focus on moral issues of reproductive choice, the financial facts caused Janet Yellen, and 154 economists, to speak against the conservative Supreme Court decision.

Denying women abortion care has negative effects: an unplanned pregnancy decreases women’s graduation from college by 20% and securing a professional job by 40%, and young women who put off motherhood by even one year increase wages by 11%.

Women in the Turnaway Study, followed for 10 years, who were refused abortion care, were four times more likely to live in poverty (78% rise in debt and 81% rise in bankruptcy and evictions) compared to women who accessed care.

Financial fallout extends to the next generation, who are less likely to graduate, more likely to be involved in crime, and have lower adult earnings. Breaking the cycle of poverty can mean abortion care access rather than life as a single mom.

Though anti-abortion Students For Life president Kristan Hawkins says abortion bans mean “thousands of lives saved”….what kinds of lives?

What you can do: be sure to register, and vote for candidates who will vote for safe abortion access.


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