Birds of a feather

There was a really obnoxious guy at my college named “Green,” regularly referred to as “Gross Green.” One day a new student arrived, transferring from another school from which he was expelled for bad behavior, who was equally obnoxious.

It didn’t take much time before they found each other and became best buds. They would attend basketball games together and make obscene gestures toward the other team’s players.

The U.S. House now permits a designated member to announce how another member will vote. It is interesting to observe which members have been designated by other members for this purpose. U.S. Rep. Gohmert is often designated by Rep. Gosar (or vice versa). Rep. Cawthorn for Rep. Gaetz; Gaetz for Taylor-Green; Gosar for Boebert; Taylor-Green for Cawthorn; Boebert for Gohmert.

A real fellowship of the equally questionable. A recent newspaper report tells us that Pennsylvania Republican gubernatorial nominee Doug Mastriano has selected Jenna Ellis, out of the clown car of attorneys supporting Trump’s “Big Lie,” to be a major campaign advisor. Here is another example of untruthful like-minded opportunists finding one another. Election deniers of the world, unite. Throw off your truthfulness. You have nothing to lose but your integrity.


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