‘Paying for Energy Insanity’ column was really a work of near insanity

Mr. Patel’s column — Paying for Energy Insanity — was really a work of near insanity. It would be laughable if it were not so filled with short-term thinking and long-term disaster. So much of what is written today is geared for near-term political consumption, and not for the important information that citizens desperately need in order to make long-term, informed rational decisions. Mr. Trump was exactly right when he tagged the media as “out of control” and “the enemy of the people.” Well, at least some of it I would add. And in particular, the kind of propaganda that Mr. Patel let loose in this paper.

Mr. Patel claims that the left has “lost touch with reality.” I wonder if Mr. Patel has been following the relentless debacles going on all over the world in the past decade–massive fires that are costing lives and billions of dollars to fight. More than 5 million people die each year globally because of excessively hot or cold conditions, a 20-year study has found. Heat-related deaths are on the rise (note that climate change can also involve extreme cold spells as happened in Texas).

The oceans are badly polluted with plastic and waste oils, and it is a fact that we are all eating plastic in much of our food. The explosion of viruses caused partly by the warming of areas that were in the past too cold to support the animals that harbor those vectors. Many coastal cities are losing the battle with an ocean rising every year (check The Outer Banks and Miami, Fla.). Water evaporates so rapidly that crops can’t be sustained by drained reservoirs and empty wells. We are recording Flash flood intensity never before seen and storms so vicious that people are killed by the thousands all over the world. I wonder if Mr. Patel has a grasp on reality.

And, of course, Mr. Patel blames the cost of fuel on wacky environmentalists. An internet search shows clearly that there has never been so much oil and natural gas as there is available in the world today. So, I ask Mr. Patel, why is it so expensive? The law of capitalism claims that price is inverse to supply. So why the outrageous rise in price? If Mr. Patel was connected to reality, he would know the answer. The answer is that the energy corporations have bought up the competition to the point that the few remaining ones can manipulate the price anywhere they like. Yes, capitalism is great, as long as there is plenty of free enterprise that will allow vigorous competition. But those days are gone. Many corporations are now monopolies, and they do whatever they like with prices. The investment fund, Blackrock, owns half the world (Google it). President Biden has no more (long term) effect on the price of oil than does Micky Mouse. The average cost per kWh of electricity from corporate suppliers (coal, nat gas, nuclear, hydro) is 13 cents. The cost from PV solar now averages 7 cents and the cost from wind is 8 cents. Put that in your pipe and smoke it Mr. Patel, AND building out solar and wind will produce millions of jobs AND remove us from possible (energy) hostage situations from the likes of Russia and Saudi Arabia. Now there is a fabulous short and long-term goal.

Mr. Patel never gives a hint about what will happen to our children and grandchildren when the climate turns the world into an oven and our grandchildren will need huge amounts of energy for air conditioning, more that the world can possibly supply, in order to keep from roasting… and to grow food in artificial, weather controlled containers. Mr. Patel is obviously concerned, as he often mentions, with short term political goals at the expense of our children and grandchildren.


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