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The news article in the Aug. 9 Express about “gender theory” is really piling on the lies by Republicans.

The website in question is being touted by Republicans as indoctrination of children into alternative sexual orientation. When in fact, it is a study in anti-bullying and inclusion. It teaches kids that it’s OK to be a girl who wants to be a super hero, or a boy who plays with dolls because he wants to be a doctor.

State Rep. Barbara Gleim, R-Cumberland, stated in the article that the Pennsylvania Department of Education is espousing a secular world view.

If she had actually read the pages she is up in arms about, she would learn that the case study under Lesson Plans and Activities titled “Gender Doesn’t Limit You,” for the curriculum were completed in a non-denominational religious school!

The “Toolkit for Creating a Gender Neutral Day” has nothing sexual in it. It is strictly about thinking outside of traditional gender “roles” and how they have existed because of traditional indoctrination. Indoctrination by people who want a square peg to fit into a round hole. People who would stifle opportunity for women, people of color and those in the LGBTQ community because they want them to continue to be subservient and have their earning potential kept lower than their white, male counterparts.

Children have enough issues. Let them be who they want! Give them the tools to deal with hate and bullying. Teach them unity, compassion and understanding of those who are different. Where is the harm in that? This is a simple way to perhaps stop some of the gun violence we see in schools and surely can have other beneficial outcomes. When there is less drama in the classroom, actual education can occur.

Here’s the “boogeyman” post on the Department of Education website. Scroll down to “Lesson Plans and Activities” and click on “Gender Doesn’t Limit You,” then click on “Toolkit for Creating a Gender Neutral Day” — www.education.pa.gov/EIB/Gender-GenderIdentity/Pages/default.aspx

And for any representatives who would use these pages as an opportunity to stir political division for their own gain, shame on you!


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