Renninger withdraws as CM football coach

MILL HALL- Jim Renninger is stepping down as the Central Mountain High School varsity football coach.

In an email circulated to parents this week, Renninger, a social studies teacher at Central Mountain, announced he would withdraw his name from the re-hiring process.

The Keystone Central School District administration set an April 6 deadline for candidates to apply for fall season head-coaching positions.

But early this week, the process was reopened for the varsity head football coach, according to Renninger’s email, a copy of which was obtained by The Express.

Renninger was assured he could re-apply, but instead elected to remove his name from consideration, he said in the email.

“I am disappointed that I will not be returning and have enjoyed greatly coaching your sons,” Renninger wrote.

“I hope that all of you will continue to support the program moving forward and (I) wish nothing but success for the program. I will gladly do anything I can to help your sons in the future and will always be an advocate for them moving forward.”

Renninger became CM head coach in the fall 2016 season.

He compiled a 4-16 record in two years.

Renninger did not return a phone call from The Express for comment.

Previous to Renninger, Michael Nines served for two years as head CM coach.

Nines, who went 3-17 over two years, was not offered the position for the 2016 season after the district opened all coaching positions for candidates that year.