AUTO RACING ROUNDUP: The Mason-Dixon series visited Clinton County over the weekend

Greg Hodnett (27) was the winner at Williams Grove Speedway in his sprinter car over the weekend. Other local racing action included speedways Hummingbird, Selinsgrove, Dog Hollow and Clinton County. (The Express/Jamie Bird)

The Mason Dixon series traveled to the Clinton County Motor Speedway to challenge the regular competitors. The track was in excellent condition — wide, smooth and tacky. With the pill draw completed, Devin Frey in the 62 sat on the pole, with the No. 8 of Taylor Farlling outside row one. At the drop of the green, Frey set a blistering pace thru lap six. Moving through the field was Mr. Smooth, Jim Yoder, in the 42 car. The caution flew for the No. 57 of Mellott with a blown rear tire. With the field bunched up, the restart saw Yoder take the No. 42 to the high side to run side-by-side with Frey. Lap after lap, they were locked together. By mid-way, the leaders were in heavy lapped traffic as many of the 26 starters were all battling for position. Yoder drove the S&R Towing sponsored car to the cushion and was able to take the lead by two car lengths. Frey continued the pursuit, with the 5J of Jeremy Ohl and the 8 of Taylor Farlling on his rear bumper. With five to go, Brad McGinnis in the 13 and the 2J of Justin Weaver made their move to challenge the leaders. Four cars under a blanket all bidding for that first spot position! Holding off all challengers, Mr. Smooth, Jim Yoder took the No. 42 car under the checkered. Finishing second was Frey in the 62, followed by McGinnis, Ohl, with Weaver rounding out the top five.

A full field of 270 Micros took the green for the feature event, The Wild Child, Jeff Weaver moved through the field to claim the lead as the crossed flags were displayed. With the No. 17 of Troy Whitesel close in tow. Bobby Sanso in the 20S finished third followed by the X of Hockenbrock and Nick Whitesel in the 7NN rounding out the top five. In the Pro Stock division, Kevin VanAmburg in the 8 earned the pole with the 28J Johnny Bouse in second. VanAmburg powered the 8 from flag to flag. The battle was for second, as Bouse, AY Schilling, the No. 16 of Dawson, and the 6 of Noah Jensen all took turns hugging the rear bumper of the VanAmburg car. The finish saw a very happy VanAmburg as he picked up his first win of the season with Tommy Dawson, AY Schilling, Noah Jensen and Johnny Bouse in the top five. 11 front wheel drive machines took the green. Tim Campbell in the TJ Shooters car qualified for the pole, with the No. 6 of Eric Luzier in second. Campbell took his 2T machine to a commanding lead, finishing second was Luzier, the 31 of Orndorf, the 66 of Krevling and the No. 4 of Cody Stover for the top five. Wise Potato Chips provided bags of chips for all the kids attending, it is greatly appreciated. Harold and Sam Dickson won the 50/50, over $500! Capping off the evening, Robert Johnson and Bob Winn were the lucky winners to earn a five lap ride in the two seater Super Late Model. With Mr. Smooth driving, the two lucky guys got to see what it is like to run flat out up against the wall. Next week, the Patriot 360 Sprint Cars make their debut at CCMS sponsored by T&C Transport of Bellefonte, PA. Along with the 600 and 270 micros, and the Front Wheel Drive cars.

Meanwhile down at Williams Grove, Greg Hodnett was winning his first sprint car feature of the year and his 73rd win at the Grove. The super late model win was picked up by Jason Covert. At Hummingbird Speedway, a handful of new faces filled the pit area on Saturday night, including one from Ohio. Clearfield’s own Rich Howell parked his racer in victory lane for the very first time in his career in the Cypress Clock & Gift Shop Street Stock feature. Other feature winners on the night included: Chris Farrell from Clearfield in the BWP Bats Late Models, Mike Anderson from DuBois in the Sunny 106.5 FM Pure Stocks, Denny Fenton from Clearfield in the Swanson Heavy Duty Truck Repair Semi-Late Models, and Eric Luzier from Clearfield in the Aaron’s of DuBois Front-Wheel Drive Four-Cylinders.

Dylan Yoder ended Bryan Bernheisel’s two-race winning streak in super late model competition at Selinsgrove Speedway Saturday night on the fifth lap in the Northeast Ultimate Super Late Model Series Showdown on Sand Hill and went on to take the checkered flag in the 30-lap main event.

The $3,000 victory was Yoder’s 16th career in super late model competition at the Snyder County oval. Kenny Yoder of Allensville scored his first career win in the 20-lap Mason Dixon Shootout Series limited late model race. Shaun Lawton of Bloomsburg won the 15-lap makeup pro stock feature from May 5 and Kyle Bachman of Selinsgrove won the regularly scheduled race for the division.

Keith Bissinger of Orangeville rounded out the successful dirt track stock car showdown program with a victory in the 12-lap roadrunner race.

Down at the Lincoln Speedway, they finally got a race in, after six straight weeks of rain-outs.

And for New Oxford’s Jim Siegel, he finally got a win after a year-long drought by winning the 25-lap $4,000-to-win 410 sprint feature. Jeff Halligan won the 358 sprint division by leading all 25 laps of the special 360/358 Sprint Challenge. Over at Dog Hollow, Jon Lee from Mahaffey, won both the Townsend Gas & Oil Super Late Model and 358 Semi Late features for the second week in a row.



Cypress Clock & Gift Shop Street Stocks: 1st) #3 Rich Howell, Clearfield; 2nd) #T3 Brandon Connor, DuBois; 3rd) #2 Cregen Brady, Clearfield; 4th) #38 Scott Freer, Eldred; 5th) #23JR Bill Phllips Jr., Blandburg

BWP Bats Late Models: 1st) #53 Chris Farrell, Clearfield; 2nd) #14R Derek Rodkey, Osceola Mills; 3rd) #x3 Wyatt Scott; 4th) #64 Scott Alvetro, Reynoldsville; 5th) #57S Levi Sikora, Punxsutawney

Sunny 106.5 FM Pure Stocks: 1st) #76 Mike Anderson, DuBois; 2nd) #45 Tim Steis, St. Marys; 3rd) #6-29 Greg Blystone, Indiana; 4th) #33 Jenna Pfaff, DuBois; 5th) #54 Eric Hulings

Swanson Heavy Duty Truck Repair Semi-Late Models: 1st) #56R Denny Fenton, Clearfield; 2nd) #1 B.J. Hudson, Clearfield; 3rd) #3xAA Doug Surra, Kersey; 4th) #5X Nick Erskine, Bells Landing; 5th) #27C Eddie Connor, Sabula

Aaron’s Four-Cylinders: 1st) #6 Eric Luzier, Clearfield; 2nd) #17 Randy Albert, Morrisdale; 3rd) #4 Cory Price, Blandburg; 4th) #11 Jim Boyer, Penfield; 5th) #16 Keegan Bell, New Bethlehem DNF


Super Late Models – 26 Entries -30-Lap A-Main: 1) 24 Dylan Yoder 2) 10 Jared Miley 3) 1 Gene Knaub 4) 0 Coleby Frye 5) 119 Bryan Bernheisel

Limited Late Models – 31 Entries 20-Lap A-Main: 1) 7Y Kenny Yoder 2) Steve Campbell 3) 33 Devin Hart 4) 32J Shaun Jones 5) 5 Craig Wagaman

Pro Stocks – 12 Entries 15-Lap A-Main: 1) 99B Kyle Bachman 2) 10M Brad Mitch 3) 92 Shaun Lawton 4) 8M Brandon Moser 5) 9 Noah Jensen

Make-Up A-Main (from 5-5-18): 1) 92 Shaun Lawton 2) 99 Kyle Bachman 3) 10M Brad Mitch 4) 8M Brandon Moser 5) 9 Tommy Dawson

12-Lap A-Main: 1) 11 Keith Bissinger 2) 992 Terry Kramer 3) 32 Ken Schreffler 4) 2B Brian Mabus 5) 28 Nick Decker


410 sprints, 25 laps: 1. Greg Hodnett, 2. Lucas Wolfe, 3. Cory Haas, 4. TJ Stutts, 5. Freddie Rahmer

Super late models, 30 laps: 1. Jason Covert, 2. Coleby Frye, 3. Tyler Bare, 4. Dylan Yoder, 5. Matt Cosner


410 Sprint Feature Finish (25 Laps) – 1. 59-Jim Siegel ($4,000); 2. 51-Freddie Rahmer; 3. 87-Alan Krimes; 4. 21-Brian Montieth; 5. 69-Tim Glatfelter

360/358 Sprint Challenge Feature Finish (25 Laps) – 1. 66-Jeff Halligan ($1,500); 2. 5W-Lucas Wolfe; 3. 23-Chris Arnold; 4. 19-Troy Wagaman, Jr.; 5. 119-Chandler Leiby


Townsend Gas & Oil Super Late Models (15): Jon Lee, Dave Blazavich, Doug Glessner, John Wayne Weaver, John Oaks

358 Semi Late Models (12): Jon Lee, Robert Cossell, Mike Shoemaker, Josh Jacoby, Bernie Whiteford, Jr.

RUSH Crate Late Models (9): Mike Laughard, Joe Moyer, TroyShields, Clate Copeman, Mike Ott

AMSOIL Pure Stocks (’14): Duke Davidson, Jim Decker, Bill Mumau, Bob Helsel, Amber Mills

DM Craig Fabrication & Welding 4 Cylinders (19): Jack Theys, Mike Phillipson, Cody Young, Brady Miller, Bill Eckenrode


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