Jersey Shore, Bellefonte swimmers win titles at Arctic Classic

Jersey Shore girls, all smiles, hold their second-place plaque at Clearfield High School’s Arctic Classic.


CLEARFIELD- Last year it was so cold that the 2018 Arctic Classic was canceled due to concerns with bus engines. This year’s weather was completely different, sunny and 50s. Regardless of outside weather conditions, local swimmers thrived in the Clearfield High School natatorium’s very warm temperatures as they won several titles and Jersey Shore almost dethroned reigning champion, Clearfield.

Shore opened its upset bid right from the start as the quartet of Jordan O’Connor, Meagan Keegan, Taylor Fleming, and Veronica Sander won the opening 200-yard medley relay by over four seconds. The grouping of four just missed capturing the 200-free relay over Clearfield and fell short by 1.64 second for the two spot.

The group would go onto a number of top 5 finishes throughout the day in a 14-team field. Most noticeable was O’Connor’s 100-backstroke win. Seeded in the No. 3 spot, behind Clearfield’s Makeeli Redden and Moniteau’s Baily Trettel, O’Connor had a little bit of a hill to climb.

“I didn’t know much about these girls because we never go against them, all I knew was their times on the paper,” said O’Connor. “I went into it to swim my race and get points for my team.”

Her bid for another title fell just short as she secured second in the 50-freestyle

And there were a couple of near misses in other individual titles as more second place finishes rolled in. Keegan fell short by 2.4 seconds in the 100-breaststroke and Fleming by two seconds in the 100-freestyle.

Rounding out the top 5 finishes was Keegan’s fourth place in the 100-butterfly, Fleming’s fifth in the 100-breast, and Allison Moore’s five spot in the 500-freestyle.

All said and done, the girls finished in second place, six points behind Clearfield in the team point standings. A tall feat considering recent history. “Every year they seem to get better and better,” said Shore’s head coach Jenna Brooks. Four years ago they took fifth (148 pts from 1st) and three years ago they took 2nd by 55 points (meet canceled last year). “I can’t wait to see what next year brings since we aren’t losing any girls to graduation.”

Bellefonte’s Zoey Cole was the favorite in the long-distance freestyle events and won titles in the 200 and 500. Bellefonte girls finished in eighth place. On the boys’ side, the only local top-five finish was Jersey Shore’s Alex Butzler with a fourth place in the 100-butterfly.

Jersey Shore returns to dual meet action this week with meets against Central Columbia and Lewisburg.

2019 Arctic Swim Classic

January 5, 2019

Clearfield High School Pool

JS – Jersey Shore, BF – Bellefonte


200 MR: 1. Jersey Shore (O’Connor, J., Keegan, M., Fleming, T., Sander, V.) 1:57.16; 9. Jersey Shore (Lucas, H., Dincher, L., Moore, A., Sorgen, M.) 2:15.24; 16. Bellefonte (Thomas, H., Haak, E., Brezler, A. Cole, M.) 2:25.51; 20. Bellefonte (Morris, R., Frey, M., Haak, C., Miller, K.) 2:37.86

200 Free: 1. Cole, Z., BF, 2:01.60; 21. Thomas, H., BF, 2:26.88; 23. Dincher, L., JS, 2:27.71; 25. Brezler, A., BF, 2:28.08; 39. Rennicks, D., JS, 2:57.72

200 IM: 3. Hoffman, N., BF, 2:26.26; 18. Gardener, M., JS, 2:53.48; 19. Lucas, H., JS, 2:54.20; 23. Watkins, T., JS, 2:58.03

50 Free: 2. O’Connor, J., JS, 25.74 ; 10. Moore, A., JS, 28.38; 13. Helms, C., BF, 28.79; 17. Sorgen, M., JS, 29.61; 18. Cole, M., BF, 29.72; 20. Miller, K., BF, 30.12; 23. Haak, C., BF, 30.40; 46. Quinn, G., JS, 34.76; 48. Morris, R., BF, 35.12; 54. Kellogg, A., BF, 35.74; 55. Frey, M., BF, 36.08; 67. Johnson, M., BF, 53.14

100 Fly: 4. Keegan, M., JS, 1:06.35; 26. Rennicks, D., JS, 1:42.89

100 Free: 2. Fleming, T., JS, 58.46; 4. Sander, F., JS, 58.72; 5. Hoffman, N., BF, 15. Helms, C., BF, 1:04.30; 24. Cole, M., BF, 1:06.57; 26. Steinbacher, S., JS, 1:07.17; 27. Haak, C., BF, 1:08.12; 34. Haak, E., BF, 1:09.74; 40. Miller, K., BF, 1:11.80; 45. Green, Q., JS, 1:16.31; 54. Frey, M., BF, 1:23.93; 62. Grove, S., BF, 1:32.34; 64. Kellogg, A., BF, 1:36.56; 12. Johnson, M., BF, 2:01.55

500 Free: 1. Cole, Z., BF, 5:27.14; 3. Moore, A., JS, 5:58.95; 12. Thomas, H., BF, 6:30.03; 14. Brezler, A., BF, 6:33.77

200 FR: 2. Jersey Shore (Keegan, M., Fleming, T., Sander, V., O’Connor, J.) 1:44.77; 7. Bellefonte (Cole, Z., Miller, K., Helms, C., Hoffman, N.) 1:51.77; 10. Jersey Shore (Moore, A., Steinbacher, S., Lucas, H., Sorgen, M.) 2:00.59; 16. Bellefonte (Cole, M., Brezler, A., Haak, E., Haak, C.) 2:04.22

100 Back: 1. O’Connor, J., JS, 1:01.10; Sorgen, M., JS, 1:11.58; 17. Lucas, H., JS, 1:15.06; 20. Gardner, M., JS, 1:17.17; 26. Morris, R., BF, 1:23.92

100 Breast: 2. Keegan, M., JS, 1:12.60; 5. Fleming, T., JS, 1:18.92; 20. Watkins, T., JS, 1:27.64; 21. Dincher, L., JS, 1:28.26; 24. Steinbacher, S., JS, 1:32.06; 25. Haak, E., BF, 1:32.07

400 FR: 1. Bellefonte (Frey, M., Morris, R., Grove, S.,Kellogg, A.) 4:04.22; 7. Bellefonte (Cole, Z., Helms, C., Thomas, H., Hoffman, N.) 4:06.59; 16. Jersey Shore (Dincher, L., Rennicks, D., Watkins, T., Gardner, M.) 4;55.32


200 MR: 9. Bellefonte (Malinich, J., Corso, C., Horner, H., Rossman, C.) 2:03.23; 12. Jersey Shore (Mann, B., Stemler, C., Butzler, A., Knepp, O.) 2:09.39

200 Free: 22. Barlet, X., JS, 2:41.98

50 Free: 6. Butzler, A., JS, 24.10; 8. Horner, H., BF, 24.93; 15.. Corso, C., BF, 26.04; 18. Stemler, C., JS, 26.66; 22. Knepp, O., JS, 28.04; 23. Rossman, C., BF, 28.33; 27. Malinich, J., BF, 28.83; 30. Kramer, D., JS, 29.96; 40. Doebler, J., JS, 35.95

100 Fly: 4. Butzler, A., JS, 57.45; 6. Horner, H., BF, 58.73

100 Free: 10. Corso, C., BF, 56.94; 18. Stemler, C., JS, 1:01.34 ; 19. Rossman, C., BF, 1:02.09; 22. Mann, B., JS, 1:02.32; 29. Knepp, O., JS, 1:07.71; 31. Barlet, X., JS, 1:10.67; 33. Kramer, D., JS, 1:12.35; 40. Doebler, J., JS, 1;24.53

200 FR: 9. Bellefontre (Corso, C., Malinich, J., Rossman, C., Horner, H.) 1:48.08; 12. Jersey Shore (Mann, B., Barlet, X., Kramer, D., Butzler, A.) 1:53.70

100 Back: 17. Malinich, J., BF, 1:13.44; 19. Man, B., JS, 1;13.70


Bellefonte, 8thwith 33 pts

Jersey Shore, 12thwith 24 points


Jersey Shore, 2ndwith 173 pts, lose by six to Clearfield

Bellefonte 8thwith 102


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