Local auto racing roundup

(JAMIE BIRD/FOR THE EXPRESS) Heat-race winner Alex Hill prepares in her car for an upcoming race.


For The Express

It was the weekend, so of course that means RAIN. One track that actually got the whole race in was Hummingbird Speedway. It was an overcast, cool-spring night that welcomed fans and drivers from all over the area, including from three different states to their season opener. Five-time track champion, Bob Connor, was the flagman. It also began the 55th anniversary season of racing at the speedway. Feature Winner’s on Opening Night included: Rich Anderson of Glen Campbell in the Sunny 106.5 FM Pure Stocks, Michael Lake of Uniontown in the BWP Bats Super Late Models, Bruce Hartzfeld of Rockton in the Cypress Clock & Gift Shop Street Stocks, Zack Frantz of Reynoldsville in the Four-Cylinders and Nick Erskine of Bells Landing in the Swanson Heavy Duty Truck Repair Semi-Late Models.

A lot of our other tracks got some heat races/ hot laps in before the rains came, including Clinton County, Selinsgrove, Lincoln Speedway.

Next weekend will be the Outlaw tune-up show at Williams Grove…weather permitting of course.


Sunny 106.5 FM Pure Stocks

1st) #516 Rich Anderson, Glen Campbell

2nd) #42H Dennis Harrison Jr., Allegany, NY

3rd) #33 Jenna Pfaff, DuBois

4th) #10R Raven Fuller, Luthersburg

5th) #79 Tyler Blystone, Indiana

BWP Bats Super Late Models

1st) #27 Michael Lake, Uniontown

2nd) #33K Kyle Knapp, Brookville

3rd) #20 Doug Eck, Corry

4th) #X-3 Wyatt Scott, Garland

5th) #1H Larry Hollenbaugh, Punxsutawney

Cypress Clock & Gift Shop Street Stocks

1st) #101 Bruce Hartzfeld, Rockton

2nd) #28 Fuzzy Fields, Brockport

3rd) #T3 Brandon Connor, DuBois

4th) #38 Scott Freer, Eldred DNF

5th) #12M Trevor McCann, Ford City DNF


1st) #36F Zack Frantz, Reynoldsville

2nd) #42 Jeff Huber

3rd) #C4 Patrick Crawford, Distant

4th) #4F Jim Fye, Reynoldsville

5th) #8H Joe Huber, Ringgold

Swanson Heavy Duty Truck Repair Semi-Late Models

1st) #5X Nick Erskine, Bells Landing

2nd) #5L Jon Lee, Mahaffey

3rd) #3xAA Doug Surra, Kersey

4th) #88B Luke Barnett, Mahaffey

5th) #75 Denny Curry, Curwensville