Local auto racing round up: JR Toner gets first win of season

(PHOTO PROVIDED) JR Toner’s car sits idle prior to an auto race.



It was his first win of the season at Clinton County, and he picked a big one. JR Toner started on the pole, but more importantly he led every lap, especially the checkered flag one. It was the Mason Dixon Shootout Series and it was a shootout, last-lap dash for cash after Matt Cochran shredded a right rear on the white flag lap setting up the green, white, checkers. Toner was still able to get it done with 0.542 to spare at the line.

Jeff Weaver took the 600 micro sprint feature.

On Saturday night at Port Royal it was twin 20’s and Logan Wagner left no doubt why he is the past season champion and the current point leader by winning both features, and the bonus pay day that went along with the bragging rights, a night worth $7,000. In the Penns Valley Meat Market 305 sprints, Jonathan Jones grabbed the early race lead, but Devin Adams, of Jonestown, passed him on the frontstretch taking over the top spot with a few laps completed, and the recent high school graduate held on for that win.

Down at Williams Grove on Friday night it was another win for Freddie Rahmer, his second one this season. Rick Eckert continued his winning ways in the super lates.

USAC Silver Crown will be making an appearance this Friday night at the Grove in a whopping 100-lap main event paying some $8,000 to win.

In other local action a second generation driver, Joe Petyak of Gallitzin, picked up his first Super Late Model Feature Saturday night at Hidden Valley Speedway in Clearfield. Todd English picked up his career first ever feature win in the Semi Late Models, while Joe Huber doubled up by ending Eric Luzier’s three-race win streak in the Four Cylinders by taking both the regular and make-up feature wins.

At BAPS Motor Speedway, Cory Eliason knows how difficult it is to come to central Pennsylvania and win in the 410 Sprint Car division; but win he did last Thursday night. Eliason invaded and conquered the tricky surface and claimed the Greg Hodnett Foundation Race. Even more impressive, he won the 27-Lap main event and $4,000 on only six cylinders.

At Lincoln Speedway Brett Michalski won his first feature in the 410 division on Saturday night.

At Selinsgrove – Dan Stone of Thompson scored a thrilling victory with a last-lap, final-corner pass by defending track champion Bryan Bernheisel of Lebanon in Saturday night’s 30-lap KRS Graphics Super Late Model Challenge Series main event. Stone earned $3,000 for his first win of the season and seventh career at the track. He became the division’s sixth different winner in as many races on Jeff’s Auto Body Night. Jared Fullkroad of Mifflintown won his first career race in the 20-lap Mason Dixon Limited Late Model Series event following an intense three-car battle for the lead and win. Fulkroad, who started his racing career in go karts on the speedway’s one-fifth mile track, became another driver to win races on both the small and big tracks.

Shaun Lawton of Bloomsburg drove to his first win of the season and his first in the annual A&A Auto Stores Pro Stock 20 that was worth $1,000. Tom Brunson of Middleburg held off late-race challenges from Jake Jones of Cogan Station for his first career win in the 12-lap roadrunner race.

Selinsgrove Speedway will be back in action at 7 p.m. Saturday, June 15, with the Joe Whitcomb Memorial for 360 sprint cars sanctioned by the Patriot Sprint Tour.

At Dog Hollow Jared Miley stopped in to tune up for the Shawn McGarvey Memorial and came away with the Townsend Gas & Oil Super Late Model Victory. Somerset ‘s Jamey Swank pulled off his first win in the RUSH Crate Late Models at DHS. Nate Smith, of Glen Campbell, did double duty and earned wins in the AMSOIL Pure Stock and Iron Horse Salvage 358 Semi Lates.

All in all it was a great weekend…mostly dry… for some racing.

See you at the Races!



Sprint Car Feature 1 (20 laps): 1. Logan Wagner. 2. Kyle Reinhardt. 3.

Ryan Smith. 4. Lance Dewease. 5. Dylan Cisney

Sprint Car Feature 2 (20 laps): 1. Wagner. 2. Dietrich. 3. Dewease. 4.

Cisney. 5. Smith

305 Sprint Car Feature (20 laps): 1. Devin Adams. 2. Christian Rumsey.

3. Zach Newlin. 4. Dave Grube. 5. Jonathan Jones

Xtreme Stock Feature (15 laps) 1. Pete Leister. 2. Brad Mitch. 3.

Dustin Hoffman. 4. Andrew Shoop. 5. Dustin Snook


410 SPRINT CARS – GREG HODNETT FOUNDATION RACE Feature (27 Laps) – 1. 26-Cory Eliason ($4,000), [4]; 2. 21-Brian Montieth, [8]; 3. 24-Lucas Wolfe, [9]; 4. 07-Gerard McIntyre Jr, [3]; 5. 72-Ryan Smith, [5]

SUPER SPORTSMAN Feature (25 Laps) – 1. 75-Kenny Edkin, [10]; 2. 70D-Frankie Herr, [9]; 3. 23-Justin Foster, [2]; 4. 30-Scott Dellinger, [8]; 5. 3B-Mike Enders, [4]


410 Sprint Feature Finish (25 Laps) – 1. 73B-Brett Michalski ($3,500); 2. 51-Freddie Rahmer; 3. 99-Kyle Moody; 4. 59-Jim Siegel; 5. 1*-Tim Wagaman

Capitol Renegade United Racing Club 360 & Hanover Auto Team 358 Sprint Car Challenge Feature (25 Laps) – 1. 58-Jeff Halligan ($2,000); 2. 35-Chad Layton; 3. 5G-Curt Michael; 4. 63-Josh Weller; 5. 44-Dylan Norris


410 sprints, 25 laps: 1. Freddie Rahmer, 2. Danny Dietrich, 3. Chad Trout, 4. Kyle Reinhardt, 5. Rodney Westhafer

Late models, 30 laps: 1. Rick Eckert, 2. Dan Stone, 3. Coleby Frye, 4. Jerry Bard, 5. Jim Bernheisel


SUPER LATE MODELS: 1. 44P Joe Petyak, Gallitzin; 2. 19 Bob Dorman, 3. 18 Mike Wonderling, 4. 15 Luke Hoffner. 5. 55 Denny Fenton

SEMI LATE MODELS: 1. 711 Todd English, 2. 17 Jarid Ivory, 3. 43 Tom Decker Jr. , 4. 69 Gary Little, 5. 222 Jeff Sweeney

STREET STOCKS: 1. 3 Rich Howell, Clearfield; 2. 11G Dan Gill, 3. 2 Cregan Brady, 4. 983 Zachary Gustufason, 5. 483 Dalton Gustufason

PURE STOCK: 1. 52 Ron Benton, Duncansville; 2. 42H Dennis Harrison, 3. 05 Jake Mascho, 4. 22 Marc Whetstone Sr., 5. 71S Richard Herman.

FOUR CYLINDERS: 1. 8H Joe Huber, 2. 6 Eric Luzier, 3. 4P Corry Price, 4. 36F Zach Frantz, 5. 58R Ryan Lippert

FOUR CYLINDERS, MAKE UP FEATURE (5/25/19): 1. 8H Joe Huber, 2. 36F Zach Frantz, 3. 6 Eric Luzier, 4. 13 Gary Kiehl, 5. 777 Austin Fedder


SUPER LATE MODELS -30-Lap KRS Graphics Challenge Series A-Main: 1) Dan Stone 2) 119 Bryan Bernheisel 3) F1 Coleby Frye 4) 1 Gene Knaub 5) 9 Hayes Mattern

LIMITED LATE MODELS-20-Lap Mason Dixon Series A-Main: 1) 12K Jared Fulkroad 2) 13 Brad McGinnis 3) 115S Shaun Miller 4) 11 Derick Garman 5) 7 Kenny Yoder

PRO STOCKS -20-Lap A-Main: 1) 92 Shaun Lawton 2) 26 AJ Stroup 3) 6C AJ Hoffman 4) 16 Tommy Dawson 5) 8M Brandon Moser

ROADRUNNERS -12-Lap A-Main: 1) 3 Tom Brunson 2) 7J Jake Jones 3) 8 Will Brunson 4) 992 Shaun Lawton 5) 33 Curtis Lawton


Townsend Gas & Oil Super Late Models.(11): Jared Miley, Shawn Claar, Kirk Baker, Michael Lake , Cody Hardesty

Iron Horse Salvage 358 Semi Lates (13): Nate Smith (Wicker 2T), Robert Cossell, Dan Soller, John Wayne Weaver, Chad Helman

RUSH Crate Late Models (9): Jamey Swank, Jared Kane, Bryan Benton, John Britsky, Colin Casale

AMSOIL Pure Stocks (7): Nate Smith (Davidson 81), Brian Savino, Brad Benton, Joe Kephart, Tyler Fulton

DM Craig Fabrication & Welding 4 Cylinders (21): Chuck Dizzle, Anthony Varner, Cody Young, Jim Frantz, Dylan Young

DM Craig Fabrication & Welding 4 Cylinder Make Up Feature from 6/1 (18): Chuck Dizzle, Cody Young, Dylan Young, Brooks Kaufman, Noah Swank

270cc Micro Sprints (11): Todd Reusser, Brian Borawiec, Jr., Noah Wirginis, Mason Peters, Ryan McAndrew