Wildcats finish 2nd in Top Hat Tournament


For The Express

WILLIAMSPORT – Last week Central Mountain wrestling coach Biff Walizer had no idea what to expect from his team at the season-opening Tom Best Memorial Top Hat Tournament after having to replace eight starters from last year.

Junior Nik Miller, clutching his 195-pound runner-up trophy, said he and his teammates were “100% confident” they would be able to perform at a high level.

What unfolded over the weekend at Williamsport High School’s Magic Dome was nothing short of shocking. The Wildcats had 11 placewinners and 12 of its 14 qualifying wrestlers score points. The team’s final score of 200 points was good enough for a runner-up finish behind Saucon Valley (259).

“This is an opportunity for all of us,” Miller said. “We have big shoes to fill because we lost half our team. So it might be a building year, but we’re still working hard.”

The history and high expectations follow Central Mountain wrestling every season. It’s a palpable feeling in the practice room for even the most novice of wrestlers within the program. The program will celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the Wildcats’ team state championship later this month when they host Jersey Shore and Miller said that’s the kind of aspirations everyone in the room carries no matter who have they have to replace.

With that in mind, the Wildcats have put forth a great effort both in the room and outside the room to make sure the program can maintain the same level of success it’s come to know. The weekend at the Top Hat showed that work might just be paying off.

“We were 100% confident coming in here. We’re a family,” Miller said. “We see each other improving in the room every day and outside the room and we know what to expect from one another.”

But there’s no way anybody could have envisioned the first-time starters in Central Mountain’s lineup accounting for five of its podium finishes and nearly 40% of its team points. That’s exactly what they did, though.

Even a wrestler like Ashton Intallura contributed despite not placing at 160 pounds. He still scored 10 team points thanks to three victories, including a pair of falls.

“We’re super proud of those guys,” said Miller, who was one of three Central Mountain runners-up. “Some of these kids have been wrestling for less than a year but they’re still coming in and battling and they’re winning.”

Miller has turned himself into a wrestler who is going to be a key contributor to the Central Mountain lineup. As a seventh-grader he didn’t win a match in the junior high program. Now he’s coming off a season where he was a regional qualifier.

His two wins Saturday in the quarterfinals and semifinals came against the eventual third and fourth-place finishers at 195 pounds. He dropped his championship match to 17th-ranked Seth Hunsginer of Hazleton by fall. He views the weekend as an opportunity to see just where things need to improve before heading into this week’s King of the Mountain.

“The coaches are always taking notes, and I think as wrestlers we’re always taking mental notes,” Miller said. “We’re come back into practice on Monday and say we need help with this. Or I’ll look at someone and say I need help with this one-on-one. And it’s huge to know we have those people who can work with us.”


Team Key: Central Dauphin East, CD; Central Mountain, CM; Clearfield, Cl; Cocalico, Co; Daniel Boone, DB; East Stroudsburg North, ES; Halifax, Hx; Hazleton, Hz; Hughesville, Hu; Jersey Shore, JS; Line Mountain, LM; Miffliburg, Mf; Montoursville, Mt; Muncy, Mu; Palisades, Pa; Saucon Valley, Sa; Schuylkill Valley, SV; South Western, SW; St. Joseph’s Academy, SJ; Tri-Valley, TV; Titusville, T; Williamsport, W.

Team standings: 1, Saucon Valley, 259; 2, Central Mountain, 200; 3, Williamsport, 177; 4, Hazleton, 157; 5, Montoursville, 155; 6, South Western, 135; 7, Muncy, 132; 8, Clearfield, 125; 9, St. Joseph’s, 111; 10, Mifflinburg, 106.5; 11, Line Mountain, 97; 12, Daniel Boone, 95.5; 13, Titusville, 95; 14, Palisades, 91; 15, Hughesville, 80.5; 16, Jersey Shore, 69; 17, East Stroudsburg North, 55; 18, Cocalico, 46; 19, Tri-Valley, 43; 20, Central Dauphin East, 34; 21, Halifax, 33.5; 22, Schuylkill Valley, 26.5.


106: Lucas Bodnar, Hz, maj. dec. Brian Williams, SW, 15-4; Cael Nasdeo, W, pinned Evan Davis, Cl, 2:37; Gino Serafini, CM, pinned Brody Long, LM, 1:05; Branden Wentzel, Mt, pinned Ermal Duka, Sa, 1:39.

113: Gavin Richard, DB, maj. dec. Cole Johnson, Mt, 14-5; Connor Nicholas, Sa, pinned Dillon Galkowski, Hx, 1:13; Scott Johnson, Mu, dec. Johnny Corra, Hz, 12-7; Derek Keen, CM, pinned Eli Olshefskie, Hu, :45.

120: Caiden Puderbach, Hu, pinned Zach Rodgers, T, 2:26; Edonel Riefenstahl, Sa, pinned Braylen Corter, CM, 5:00; Ashton Campbell, P, pinned Caleb Martz, SW, 1:34; Carter Weaver, W, maj. dec. Liam Goodrich, JS, 15-5.

126: Gabe Gramly, Mf, pinned Jorven Rodriguez, Hz, 3:21; Taylor Weaver, CM, pinned Cael Markle, Sa, 4:55; Mason Leshock, LM, pinned Broc Lutz, Mt, 1:27; Seth Donovan, T, maj. dec. Nolan Barr, Cl, 12-4.

132: Chris Arciuolo, Sa, dec. Chris Torres, ES, 6-1; Troy Bingaman, Mf, dec. Beck Hutchison, Hz, 5-0; Jacob Blair, Mu, maj. dec. Canton Dolla, DB, 14-5; Carter Dawson, W, pinned Marcel McDaniels, CD, 1:28.

138: Zack Witmer, SJ, pinned Oscar Zamudio, Hz, 2:26; Riley Bower, W, dec. Grant Swann, Co, 3-1, sv; Bryce Vollman, Mu, won by injury default Gary Deyarmin, SV; Jake Jones, Sa, dec. Clayton Reed, Mf, 5-1.

145: Thomas Spirk, Sa, pinned Cody Rokavec, Mf, :56; JT Hogan, DB, pinned Kaden Falls, CM, 4:29; Ian Coller, LM, maj. dec. Joon DeNato, P, 15-5; Luke Gorg, Hu, dec. Roman Marrone, W, 6-3.

152: Caleb Dowling, SJ, tech. fall Bryce Carl, LM, 16-1, 3:10; Cameron Stevens, SW, pinned Ryan Stahl, Hx, 3:59; Wayne McIntyre, ES, maj. dec. Jarrod Rodgers, T, 9-0; Lane Porter, CM, pinned Dominic Sampsell, Mf, 2:41.

160: Matt Arciuolo, Sa, tech. fall Damien Galentine, CM, 1803, 3:29; Ethan Baney, SW, dec. Christian Good, Mu, 7-6; Charles Everdale, Hz, maj. dec. Isaac Cory, Mt, 12-2; Keegan Rothrock, SJ, pinned Bryce Enders, Hx, 2:46.

170: Tyler Stoltzfus, SJ, pinned Levi Nosko, T, 2:56; Cael Crebs, Mt, pinned Bryce Molinaro, Hz, 3:36; Mark McGonigal, Cl, dec. Ethan Gush, Mu, 7-2; Dane Csencsits, Sa, dec. Ben Haubert, P, 5-2.

182: Jake Marnell, Hz, pinned Andrew Okken, Co, 2:57; Jacob Scheib, TV, dec. Hayden Kavolick, Cl, 5-0; Nathan Hawkins, SW, pinned Cale King, LM, :28; Braydyn Lugardo, Sa, pinned Tristan Ditzler, Mu, 4:13.

195: Seth Hunsinger, Hz, pinned Bobby Yovish, Sa, :24; Sebastian Titus, T, pinned Caleb Moser, Mt, 3:08; Nik Miller, CM, pinned Brett Zattoni, Cl, 2:39; Robert Utz, SW, pinned Colby McKibben, JS, :20.

220: Cameron Wood, Mt, pinned Quintin Doane, Mf, 1:58; Oliver Billotte, Cl, pinned Nick Paredes, ES, 1:02; Charles Crews, W, dec. Caleb Burkhart, Hu, 6-3; Cael Hembury, Mu, dec. Gage Sutliff, CM, 10-6.

285: Nick Warnke, Sa, dec. Kyle Williams, CD, 4-1; Cyrus McCarl, CM, pinned Jon Doran, Cl, 5:22; Emmanuel Ulrich, Mf, pinned Ethan Williamson, W, 3:27; Tommy Morris, SW, pinned Kyle Harris, ES, 4:26.


106: Harner, TV, bye; Foster, CM, pinned Watkins, Mt, :30; Frederick, Co, bye;

113: Sterner, SW, maj. dec. Ninh, CD, 9-0; Hale, SW, pinned Hummel SV, :28; Winters, P, pinned Teo, ES, 2:21; Seagraves, W, bye.

120: Foust, Hu, maj. dec. Bender, Cl, 14-4; Swann, Co, pinned Flock, W, 1:59; Rodriguez, Hz, pinned Maiorana, Mu, 3:19; Sherwood, Mt, pinned Kline, SV, :17.

126: Fritz, Co, pinned Gavitt, Hu, :37; Wirt, LM, pinned Andrus, JS, :57; Wolfe, SW, dec. Boltz, TV, 2-1; Crawley, Mu, pinned Wolford, SW, 2:55.

132: Smay, Cl, maj. dec. Alvarez, Hx, 10-2; Miller, CM, maj. dec. Jimson, Hz, 13-0; Shingara, LM, dec. Harer, W, 10-6.

138: Kline, Cl, pined Christiano, P, :54; Batkowski, Mt, pinned Coruzzi, SW, :57; Covell, T, maj dec.

145: Dunleavy, CD, pinned Balint, Mt, 2:08; Ernst, SV, pinned Graham, Cl, 2:27; Harner, TV, dec. Vuocolo, JS, 7-2; Bish, T, dec. Freeland, Cl, 11-7.

152: Smeland, P, tech. fall Rathman, Co, 17-2, 3:14; Pfizenmayer, Sa, maj. dec. Strohecker, TV, 11-0; Packer, JS, dec. Smith, DB, 5-3; Mahon, W, pinned Dinges, Mt, 2:04.

160: Kelleher, P, pinned Bennage, Hu, :31; Krebs, CD, dec. Robinson, W, 7-4; Heim, LM, pinned Shuck, Mf, :58; Bauder, JS, pinned Dolla, DB, 2:15.

170: Intallura, CM, pinned Dong, Hx, 2:27; Reed, SW, dec. Yoh, SV, 10-3; Packer, JS, pinned Baum, Co, 1:56; Hogan, ES, pinned Gonzalez, SW, 1:40.

182: Winters, P, pinned Kolasa, SV, 1:35; Snyder, Hu, dec. Cordero, ES, 3-2, RO; Kershner, JS, won by injury default Pyle, DB; Livermore, Mt, dec. Patterson, T, 5-2.

195: Eby, CD, dec. Shuck, Mf, 8-2; Kreschollek, P, pinned Enders, Hx, 1:36; Krishock, SV, dec. Dyer, Hu, 3-2; Cromer, SW, pinned Malone, ES, 1:27.

220: Jacobson, T, pinned Walizer, CM, 1:53; Hogan, Hx, dec. Elan, T, 6-2; Armstrong, CD, dec. Gaither, SW, 4-3; Martarella, Hz, dec. Betts, DB, 4-0.

285: Stover, CM, pinned Davila, SV, :59; Stutzman, Mt, pinned Bernet, DB, 4:53; Robbins, Hu, pinned Howerton, CD, :32; Carson, Mt, pinned Hillman, Mu, 1:47.


106: Long, LM, dec. Harner, TV, 8-1; Duka, Sa, bye; Foster, CM, pinned Williams, SW, 1:36; Davis, Cl, pinned Frederick, Co, :25.

113: Corra, Hz, pinned Sterner, SW, 2:05; Olshefskie, Hu, dec. Hale, SW, 4-0; Johnson, Mt, pinned Winters, P, 3:22; Seagraves, W, pinned Galkowski, Hx, :43.

120: Foust, Hu, dec. Martz, SW, 10-6; Swann, Co, dec. Goodrich, JS, 8-5; Rodgers, T, pinned Rodriguez, Hz, 3:44; Corter, CM, maj. dec. Sherwood, Mt, 9-0.

126: Lutz, Mt, pinned Fritz, Co, 3:46; Wirt, LM, pinned Barr, Cl, :52; Rodriguez, Hz, pinned Wolfe, SW, 1:45; Markle, Sa, maj. dec. Crawley, Mu, 8-0.

132: Dolla, DB, won by forfeit; McDaniels, CD, pinned Smay, Cl, 2:17; Miller, CM, dec. Torres, ES, 12-8; Hutchison, Hz, maj. dec. Shingara, LM, 10-0.

138: Kline, Cl, won by injury default Deyarmin, SV; Reed, Mf, dec. Batkowski, Mt, 4-1; Covell, T, dec. Zamudio, Hz, 5-3; Swann, Co, pinned Hand, Cl, 2:53.

145: DeNato, P, dec. Dunleavy, CD, 4-2; Morrone, W, maj. dec. Ernst, SV, 11-1; Rokavec, Mf, pinned Harner, TV; Falls, CM, dec. Bish, T, 3-1.

152: Smeland, P, dec. Rodgers, T, 11-6; Pfizenmayer, Sa, 4:11; Carl, LM, maj. dec. Packers, JS, 8-0; Mahon, W, dec. Stahl, Hx, 4-3.

160: Cory, Mt, dec. Kelleher, P, 8-5; Enders, Hx, pinned Krebs, CD, 1:34; Heim, LM, pinned Galentine, CM, :58; Good, Mu, pinned Bauder, JS, 1:10.

170: Gush, Mu, pinned Intallura, CM, 2:39; Haubert, P, pinned Reed, SW, 2:35; Packer, JS, dec. Nosko, T, 7-1; Molinaro, Hz, tech. fall Hogan, ES.

182: King, LM, dec. Winters, P, 4-3; Ditzler, Mu, pinned Snyder, Hu, 4:07; Kershner, JS, pinned Okken, Co, 2:24; Kavolick, Cl, dec. Livermore, Mt, 4-1.

195: Zattoni, Cl, dec. Eby, CD, 3-2, tb; Kreschollek, P, pinned McKibben, JS, 2:19; Yovish, Sa, pinned Krishock, SV, 2:20; Moser, Mt, pinned Cromer, SW, 2:42.

220: Jacobson, T, pinnd Burkhart, Hu, 1:37; Sutliff, CM, pinned Hogan, Hx, 2:26; Doane, Mf, pinned Armstrong, CD, 2:56; Paredes, ES, dec. Martarella, Hz, 6-4.

285: Williamson, W, pinned Stover, CM, :55; Harris, ES, dec. Stutzman, Mt, 2-1; Robbins, Hu, pinned Williams, CD, 1:50; Doran, Cl, dec. Carson, Mt, 5-3.


106: Cael Nasdeo, W, pinned Lucas Bodnar, Hz, 2:49; Branden Wentzel, Mt, maj. dec. Gino Serafini, CM, 13-3.

113: Gavin Richard, DB, dec. Connor Nicholas, Sa, 3-1; Scott Johnson, Mu, dec. Derek Keen, CM, 3-2.

120: Travis Riefenstahl, Sa, dec. Caiden Puderbach, Hu, 7-5; Carter Weaver, W, pinned Ashton Campbell, P, 3:45.

126: Taylor Weaver, CM, dec. Gabe Gramly, Mf, 5-4, sv; Seth Donovan, maj. dec. Mason Leshock, LM, 19-6.

132: Chris Arciuolo, Sa, dec. Troy Bingaman, Mf, 6-1; Jacob Blair, Mu, dec. Carter Dawson, W, 6-3.

138: Zack Witmer, SJ, dec. Riley Bower, W, 6-3; Jake Jones, Sa, pinned Bryce Vollman, Mu, :59.

145: JT Hogan, DB, dec. Thomas Spirk, Sa, 7-3; Luke Gorg, Hu, maj. dec. Ian Coller, LM, 9-0.

152: Caleb Dowling, SJ, tech. fall Cameron Stevens, SW, 16-1, 5:13; Lane Porter, CM, pinned Wayne McIntyre, ES, :49.

160: Matt Arciuolo, Sa, dec. Ethan Baney, SW, 9-3; Keegan Rothrock, SJ, dec. Charles Everdale, Hz, 9-2.

170: Tyler Stoltzfus, SJ, dec. Cael Crebs, Mt, 8-6; Dane Csencsits, Sa, dec. Mark McGonigal, Cl, 8-5.

182: Jake Marnell, Hz, dec. Jacob Scheib, TV, 5-2; Braydyn Lugardo, Sa, pinned Nathan Hawkins, SW, 2:41.

195: Seth Hunsinger, Hz, dec. Sebastian Titus, T, 9-3; Nik Miller, CM, dec. Robert Utz, SW, 6-1.

220: Cameron Wood, Mt, pinned Oliver Billotte, Cl, 1:38; Cael Hembury, Mu, pinned Charles Crews, W, 1:09.

285: Nick Warnke, Sa, dec. Cyrus McCarl, CM, 3-1, sv; Emmanuel Ulrich, Mf, pinned Tommy Morris, SW, 1:42.


106: Duka, Sa, dec. Long, LM, 7-2; Davis, Cl, pinned Foster, CM, 3:42.

113: Corra, Hz, pinned Olshefskie, Hu, 3:26; Johnson, Mt, maj. dec. Seagraves, W, 11-0.

120: Swann, Co, pinned Foust, Hu, 4:30; Corter, CM, dec. Rodgers, T, 6-1

126: Wirt, LM, dec. Lutz, Mt, 3-0; Markle, Sa, dec. Rodriguez, Hz, 4-3.

132: Dolla, DB, pinned McDaniels, CD, 2:15; Miller, CM, dec. Hutchison, Hz, 8-6.

138: Reed, Mf, dec. Kline, Cl, 6-0; Swann, Co, dec. Covell, T, 6-2.

145: Morrone, W, dec. DeNato, P, 8-2; Rokavec, Mf, pinned Falls, CM, 2:10.

152: Smeland, P, dec. Pfizenmayer, Sa, 6-1; Carl, LM, dec. Mahon, W, 3-1.

160: Cory, Mt, dec. Enders, Hx, 10-6; Good, Mu, dec. Heim, LM, 8-2.

170: Haubert, P, dec. Gush, Mu, 5-2; Molinaro, Hz, maj. dec. Packer, JS, 9-1.

182: Ditzler, Mu, pinned King, LM, 2:22; Kershner, JS, dec. Kavolick, Cl, 4-3.

195: Zattoni, Cl, pinned Kreschollek, P, 3:52; Moser, Mt, pinned Yovish, Sa, 2:53.

220: Sutliff, CM, maj. dec. Jacobson, T, 11-2; Doane, Mf, dec. Paredes, ES, 3-2.

285: Williamson, W, pinned Harris, ES, 2:08; Doran, Cl, pinnd Robbins, Hu, 1:41.


106: Duka, Sa, dec. Bodnar, Hz, 6-4; Serafini, CM, pinned Davis, Cl, 1:37.

113: Corra Haz, maj. dec. Nicholas, Sa, 12-0; Keen, CM, tech. fall Johnson, Mt, 15-0, 3:37.

120: Puderbach, Hu, dec. Swann, Co, 11-4; Campbell, P, pinned Corter, CM, 1:30.

126: Wirt, LM, pinned Gramly, Mf, 4:40; Leshock, LM, pinned Markle, Sa, 2:33.

132: Dolla, DB, dec. Bingaman, Mf, 4-0; Dawson, W, pinned Miller, CM, 2:51.

138: Riley Bower, W, dec. Reed, Mf, 1-0; Vollman, Mu, maj. dec. Swann, Co, 14-0.

145: Morrone, W, pinned Spirk, Sa, 2:40; Coller, LM, pinned Rokavec, Mf, :54.

152: Stevens, SW, pinned Smeland, P, 2:26; McIntyre, ES, pinned Carl, LM, 2:22.

160: Baney, SW, maj. dec. Cory, Mt, 13-3; Everdale, Hz, maj. dec. Good, Mu, 13-0.

170: Haubert, P, dec. Crebs, Mt, 6-5; Molinaro, Hz, won by injury default McGonigal, Cl.

182: Scheib, TV, pinned Ditzler, Mu, 2:56; Kershner, JS, pinned Hawkins, SW, 4:59.

195: Zattoni, Cl, dec. Titus, T, 3-1, sv; Utz, SW, pinned Moser, Mt, 1:50.

220: Billotte, Cl, pinned Sutliff, CM, 1:34; Doane, Mf, pinned Crews, W, 4:46.

285: Williamson, W, pinned McCarl, CM, 2:52; Morris, SW, pinned Doran, Cl, 4:03.


106: Clayton Foster, CM, pinned Brody Long, LM, 2:10

113: Luke Seagraves, W, dec. Eli Olshefskie, Hu, 3-0.

120: Zach Rodgers, T, dec. Hunter Foust, Hu, 2-0.

126: Broc Lutz, Mt, dec. Jorven Rodriguez, Hz, 2-0.

132: Marcel McDaniels, CD, dec. Beck Hutchison, 9-6.

138: Karson Kline, Cl, maj. dec. Brock Covell, T, 8-0.

145: Joe DeNato, P, dec. Kaden Falls, CM, 2-1, tb.

152: Tyler Pfizenmayer, Sa, maj. dec. Owen Mahon, W, 10-1.­

160: Bryce Enders, Hx, dec. Riley Heim, LM, 7-2.

170: Ethan Gush, Mu, dec. Hayden Packer, JS, 8-3.

182: Hayden Kavolick, Cl, pinned Cale King, LM, 3:23.

195: Gavin Kreschollek, P, pinned Robert Yovish, Sa, 1:48.

220: Joe Jacobson, T, pinned Nick Paredes, ES, 1:57.

285: Hayden Robbins, Hu, dec. Kyle Harris, ES, 2-1.


106: Evan Davis, Cl, maj. dec. Lucas Bodnar, Hz, 12-4.

113: Connor Nicholas, Sa, dec. Cole Johnson, Mt, 1-0.

120: Braylen Corter, CM, dec. Aiden Swann, Co, 5-2.

126: Cael Markle, Sa, won by forfeit Gabe Gramly, Mf.

132: Troy Bingaman, Mf, dec. Zach Miller, CM, 7-2.

138: Clayton Reed, Mf, dec. Grant Swann, Co, 5-1.

145: Thomas Spirk, Sa, pinned Cody Rokavec, Mf, :41.

152: Bryce Carl, LM, dec. Mason Smeland, P, 9-6.

160: Isaac Cory, Mt, dec. Christian Good, Mu, 7-3.

170: Mark McGonigal, Cl, won by forfeit Cael Crebs, Mt.

182: Nathan Hawkins, SW, maj. dec. Tristan Ditzler, Mu, 10-0.

195: Sebastian Titus, T, dec. Caleb Moser, Mt, 1-0.

220: Gage Sutliff, CM, dec. Charles Crews, W, 3.2, UTB.

285: Cyrus McCarl, CM, dec. Jon Doran, Cl, 3-0.


106: Gino Serafini, CM, pinned Ermal Duka, Sa, 1:55.

113: Derek Keen, CM, pinned Johnny Corra, Hz, 2:56.

120: Ashton Campbell, P, dec. Caiden Puderbach, Hu, 11-7.

126: Blake Wirt, LM, dec. Mason Leshock, LM, 5-2.

132: Carter Dawson, W, dec. Canton Dolla, DB, 5-1.

138: Riley Bower, W, dec. Bryce Vollman, Mu, 2-0.

145: Roman Morrone, W, pinned Ian Coller, LM, 4:03.

152: Wayne McIntyre, ES, dec. Cameron Stevens, SW, 4-2.

160: Ethan Baney, SW, dec. Charles Everdale, Hz, 9-2.

170: Bryce Molinaro, Hz, dec. Ben Haubert, P, 3-2.

182: Jacob Scheib, TV, pinned Ryan Kershner, JS, 4:59.

195: Robert Utz, SW, pinned Brett Zattoni, Cl, 1:20.

220: Oliver Billotte, Cl, pinned Quintin Doane, Mf, :47.

285: Ethan Williamson, W, pinned Tommy Morris, SW, 4:03.


106: Branden Wentzel, Mt, dec. Cael Nasdeo, W, 12-5.

113: Gavin Richard, DB, dec. Scott Johnson, Mu, 3-1.

120: Carter Weaver, W, dec. Travis Riefenstahl, Sa, 3-1.

126: Seth Donovan, T, dec. Taylor Weaver, CM, 4-3.

132: Jacob Blair, Mu, dec. Chris Arciuolo, Sa, 9-3.

138: Zack Witmer, SJ, dec. Jake Jones, Sa, 1-0.

145: JT Hogan, DB, maj. dec. Luke Gorg, Hu, 11-3.

152: Caleb Dowling, SJ, tech. fall Lane Porter, CM, 16-1, 4:05.

160: Matt Arciuolo, Sa, dec. Keegan Rothrock, SJ, 7-4.

170: Tyler Stoltzfus, SJ, tech. fall Dane Csencsits, Sa, 16-0, 6:00.

182: Jake Marnell, Hz, dec. Braydyn Lugardo, Sa, 3-2.

195: Seth Hunsinger, Hz, pinned Nik Miller, CM, 5:09.

220: Cameron Wood, Mt, pinned Cael Hembury, Mu, 1:50.

285: Nick Warnke, Sa, dec. Emmanuel Ulrich, Mf, 4-1.

Most pins in least amount of time: Cameron Wood, Montoursville (4 pins, 6:10).

Outstanding wrestler: Caleb Dowling, St. Joseph’s


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