Bulldogs impress on Day 1 of District IV swim meet

MARK NANCE/Sun-Gazette Jersey Shore's Alex Butzler checks the clock after placing second in the Boys 50 Yard Freestyle during the District IV Swimming Championships at Williamsport Area High School Wednesday.



WILLIAMSPORT–Day 1 of the District 4 swim meet is in the books. Danville ends the first day in dominating fashion with 10-podium appearances and a lead in both the boy’s and girl’s team standings.

The Jersey Shore swim team secured two-state qualifiers while medaling in seven events. Jersey Shore’s Jordan O’Connor will return to states after defending her title in the 50-yard freestyle.

“Overall, based off their times there were a lot of time drops,” Jersey Shore head coach Jenna Brooks said following her team’s first-day performance.

Though the Jersey Shore boys don’t stand in the top six of team standings after the first day, Jersey Shore’s Alex Butzler took second in the 50-yard freestyle and will hope that his second place time advances him through to states.

“It’s kind of luck of the draw, those 50s and 100s are hundredths of a second. It all plays out as far as the rest of the district but you always hope for the best,” Brooks continued, “Half our team hasn’t even swam yet. We’re hoping they can get in the water and show us what they got, the ones that did swim have a second event. I’m hoping tomorrow we can be just a little better than we were tonight.”

O’Connor entered districts as the No. 2 seed and managed to pride herself to retain her first place district medal overtaking Danville’s Brenna Ross.

“My mindset was definitely defending my title I won last year, and going as fast as I could and not letting the new people affect what I can do. It’s very exciting now knowing I’ve done that in the 50-free and knowing I can do that in the 100-back,”O’Connor said following the first day of districts.

O’Connor will attempt to defend her 100-backstroke title today and qualify for states in a second-individual event.

Junior Meaghan Keegan also qualifies for states for the first time individually for Jersey Shore as she took home first place in the girl’s 100-yard butterfly.

“Go out and have fun, put up a good race, I knew it was gonna be tight. My teammates helped me, they pushed me, I had goals and it was a minute which I did. I put up a good race tonight and I want to keep that rolling tomorrow,” Keegan said of her mindset entering Wednesday night.

The Lewisburg swim team had an outstanding performance on Day 1 of districts although they had no automatic-state qualifiers. Lewisburg medaled in eight events heading into tonight.

“I’m pretty happy with how we did, individually I’m pretty happy I dropped seconds in my free, I’m really happy with how that went and I’m looking forward to tomorrow,” Lewisburg’s Thomas Haynos said following his third-place medal in the 200-yard freestyle.

Haynos led the majority of the 200-freestyle event before eventually falling to third behind a duo of Central Columbia swimmers.

“I was super nervous. I was trying to live up to the standards I put myself through,” Thomas Haynos said following the event hoping his time will be enough to qualify for the state tournament outside of his events today.

Lewisburg’s Delaney Humphrey performed outstanding finishing in second place behind NC State bound and area star Abigail Doss in the 200-yard individual medley.

“I’m really excited I think we had a lot of really good swims and a lot of PR’s. I think we did really well today. I’m interested to see how some of those do in qualifying for states,” Lewisburg head coach Derek Updegraff said. “I think that’s tremendous, and I told them before the race if you swim your race you have a chance to make it up there”

The Montoursville swim team also reached the podium in upwards of five events, and Hughesville and Muncy qualifiers were able to reach the podium undermanned in the district as well.

Day 2 of the District 4 swim meet resumes tonight at 6 p.m.at Williamsport High School.


200 medley relay: 1. Danville (Leah Tessarvich, Brenna Ross, Coyla Bartholomew, Caroline Spahr), 1:52.07; 2. Bloomsburg (Campbell Reck, Trinity Neff, Sophie Koschoff-Rapkin, Annabell Reck), 1:53.79; 3. Lewisburg (Jewels Hepner, Alexandra Decker, Delaney Humphrey, Anna Batkowski), 1:53.80; 4. Shamokin (Gabby Greager, Gabrielle Doss, Abigail Doss, Madison Bridy), 1:54.40; 5. Jersey Shore (Jordan O’Connor, Meaghan Keegan, Allison Moore, Veronica Sander), 1:56.22; 6. Central Columbia (Emma Welsh, Rachel Heggenstaller, Sarah McHenry, Emma Morgan), 1:59.01; 7. Athens (Taylar Fisher, Allison Thoman, Christina Bard, Raven McCarthy-Gardner), 2:1.89; 8. Mount Carmel, (Addison Odorizzi, Lindsey Schuck, Kaylee Kane, Isabel Parker) 2:14.03.

200 free: 1. Coyla Bartholomew, Danville, 1:59.42; 2. Gabrielle Doss, Shamokin, 1:59.48; 3. Alexandra Decker, Lewisburg, 2:04.07; 4. Erica Locke, Towanda, 2:04.54; 5. Jillian Shay, 2:05.33; 6. Taegan Williams, Athens, 2:06.61; 7. Emma Welsh, Central Columbia, 2:07.05; 8. Ana Keller, Danville, 2:07.75.

200 IM: 1. Abigail Doss, Shamokin, 2:02.99; 2. Delaney Humphrey, Lewisburg, 2:14.65; 3. Annabell Reck, Bloomsburg, 2:14.93; 4. Gretchen Hinkle, Millville, 2:18.60; 5. Trinity Neff, Bloomsburg, 2:22.34; 6. Campbell Reck, Bloomsburg, 2:22.43; 7 Megan Roman, Shamokin, 2:29.97; 8. Sophie Koschoff-Rapkin, Bloomsburg, 2:31.78.

50 free: 1. Jordan O’Connor, Jersey Shore, 24.90; 2. Brenna Ross, Danville, 25.02; 3. Anna Batkowski, Lewisburg, 25.70; 4. Jewels Hepner, Lewisburg, 25.84; 5. Kaylee Kane, Mount Carmel, 26.21; 6. Lily McBride, Lewisburg, 26.87; 7. Schyler Keller, Muncy, 27.00; 8. Zoe Tomko, Selinsgrove, 27.97.

100 fly: 1. Meaghan Keegan, Jersey SHore, 1:00.91; 2. Sarah mcHenry, Central Columbia, 1:01.44; 3. Karlee Wallis, Hughesville, 1:01.78; 4. Madesyn Brelsford, Muncy, 1:01.80; 5 Megan Roman, Shamokin, 1:05.54; 6. Riley Noss, Central Columbia, 1:06.70; 7. Sophie Koschoff-Rapkin, Bloomsburg, 1:07.06; 8. Madison Milheim, N.P.-Mansfield, 1:07.14.

200 free relay: 1. Danville (Caroline Spahr, Leah Tessarvich, Brenna Ross, Coyla Bartholomew), 1:41.47; 2. Shamokin (Gabby Greager, Gabrielle Doss, Madison Bridy, Abigail Doss), 1:43.88; 3. Jersey Shore (Meaghan Keegan, Allison Moore, Veronica Sander, Jordan O’Connor), 1:45.50; 4. Central Columbia (Kameron Bowers, Danyel Noss, Riley Noss, Rachel Heggenstaller), 1:50.80; 5. Athens (Allyson Rockwell, Brooke Kopatz, Lauren Neville, Taegan Williams), 1:52.93; 6. Lewisburg (Livia Holthus, Brianna Winters, Molly Gill, Lily McBride), 1:53.17; 7. Bloomsburg (Taylor Babrowsky, Bella Luxardo, Dana Lee, Sphie Koschoff-Rapkin), 1:53.48; 8. Towanda (Ava Gannon, Mackenna Maynard, Juliana Varner, Erica Locke), 1:54.42.


200 medley relay: 1. Danville (Luke Stine, Kaleb Hause, Ryan Hause, Justin Riedhammer), 1:39.84; 2. Central Columbia (Brady Madden, NicK Kishbaugh, Andrew Sponenberg, Nathan Sponenberg), 1:40.88; 3. Bloomsburg (Bryant LaCroix, Colten Bennett, Ahmed Elbetagy, Josh Woodley), 1:41.12; 4. Montoursville (Evan Hamm, Angelo Silvagni, Tyler Hartsock, Blade Snyder), 1:51.50; 5. Jersey Shore, 1:52.58 (Blaine Mann, Peter Bellomo, Alex Butzler, Caleb Stemler); 6. Athens (Kaden Gorsline, Thomas Toscano, Mason Henderson, Joseph Toscano), 2:00.88; 7. Lewisburg (Braden Davis, Mark Walsh, Thomas Hetherington, Daniel Durfee), 2:08.92; 8. Towanda (Jaden Wise, Dominic Tavani, Joey Donovan, Max Vega), 2:10.98.

200 free: Reese Kurian, Central Columbia, 1:49.41; 2. Andrew Sponenberg, Central Columbia, 1:49.94; 3. Thomas Haynos, Lewisburg, 1:50.85; 4. Sam DeLuca, Mifflinburg, 1:51.56; 5. Kaigon Stroop, Towanda, 2:00.23; 6. Josh Woodley, Bloomsburg, 2:01.57; 7. Holden Dent, Danville, 2:03.96; 8. Renzo Yuasa, Danville, 2:04.80.

200 IM: 1. Colten Bennett, Bloomsburg, 1:59.23; 2. Kaleb Hause, Danville, 2:01.88; 3. Brady Madden, Central Columbia, 2:03.27; 4. Sean Witmer, Mifflinburg, 2:09.16; 5. Evan Hamm, Montoursville, 2:09.33; 6. Hayne Webster, Wellsboro, 2:26.00; 7. Tyler Hartsock, Montoursville, 2:26.17; 8. Ethan Denlinger, Athens, 2:26.59.

50 free: Ahmed Elbetagy, Bloomsburg, 21.98; 2. Alex Butzler, Jersey Shore, 22.35; 3. Nathan Sponenberg, Central Columbia, 22.73; 4. Angelo Silvagni, Montoursville, 22.94; 5. Brennan Warner, Wellsboro, 23.19; 6. Justin Riedhammer, Danville, 24.20; 7. Mason Fantini, Mount Carmel, 24.68; 8. Chris DeForest, Athens, 24.83.

100 fly: 1. Bryant LaCroix, Bloomsburg, 52.66; 2. Nick Kishbaugh, Central Columbia, 52.86; 3. Ryan Hause, Danville, 55.97; 4. Mitchell Malusis, Lewisburg, 58.07; 5. Cole Hasenbalg, Danville, 59;01. 6. Cael Dick, N.P.-Mansfield, 59.36; 7. Caleb Stemler, Jersey Shore, 1:03.73; 8. Kaigon Stroop, Towanda, 1:04.64.

200 free relay: 1. Central Columbia (Reese Kurian, Nick Kishbaugh, Brady Madden, Nathan Sponenberg), 1:30.01; 2. Danville (Luke Stine, Ryan Hause, Justin Riedhammer, Kaleb Hause), 1:30.58; 3. Montoursville (Evan Hamm, Blade Snyder, Tyler Hartsock, Angelo Silvagni), 1:39.87; 4. Lewisburg (Mitchell Malusis, Braden Davis, Vaughn Holthus, Thomas Haynos), 1:39.90; 5. Athens (Joseph Toscano, Mason Henderson, Nate Gorsline, Chris DeForest), 1:40.66; 6. Towanda (Jaden Wise, Max Vega, Eric Lauber, Kaigon Stroop), 1:45.49; 7. Jersey Shore (Peter Bellomo, Jason Grant, Xavier Barlet, Owen Knepp), 1:51.32; 8. Mount Carmel (Jacob Zarski), 1:52.47.