Winners in 5 of 6 races new at Hidden Valley

CLEARFIELD – Max Blair of Centerville picked up the Super Late Model feature win Saturday night at Hidden Valley Speedway.

Other new winners included Jarid Ivory of Irvona in the Semi Late Models, Todd English of Clearfield in the Small Block Modifieds, Brent Johnson of Brookville in the Street Stocks and Kolton Wagner of Lewistown in the Little’s Auto Sales Four Cylinders.

Brad Benton of Duncansville was the lone repeat winner in Pure Stock main.

John Wayne Weaver and Max Blair led the Super Late Models to Brian Biancuzzio green flag, with Weaver darting into the lead after two false starts. Blair was able to take the lead from Weaver on lap three and, once out front, he sat through another pair of cautions. Second became a heated battle between Weaver, Darrell Bossard, Ryan Scott and Billy Eash. Those four jockeyed for position several times a lap, but when the checkered flag waved it was Blair winning over Bossard, Weaver, Eash and Scott. Heat wins went to Blair and Weaver.

It took a few tries to get the Semi Late Models underway, but when the green flew it was Jarid Ivory taking the lead over Gary Little. The race was close the entire way with Ivory leading, but Little, Josh Jacoby, Adam Nixon and Ryan Jacoby were all swapping positions. The top five were under a blanket as J. Jacoby briefly led on lap 13, but Ivory fought back and regained the lead on lap 14 and he held off Jacoby the rest of the way. At the finish, the top five were: Ivory, J. Jacoby, Nixon, R. Jacoby and Little. Heat wins went to Ivory and Little.

Todd English was able to get revenge over the Small Block Modified field after losing on opening night. Last week English led most of the feature, only to lose the lead at the end. This week he beat Josh Henry off the line and took the lead at the start. Henry ran second for the first lap, before Kyle Fink moved into second. Fink was trying to run down English, but on lap six, Fink broke and went to the pits. Erik Bowser moved around Henry for third, and with Fink falling out, Bowser assumed second but could not reel in English who went on to get his first career Small Block Modified feature win. Bowser was second, with Henry a close third. Jerry Bowser was fourth and Fink was fifth. Fink also won the heat.

Douglas Eck was beat off the line at the start of the Street Stock feature by fellow front-row starter Brent Johnson. As Johnson led, Rich Howell was second with Jamie Barber third and Eck falling to fourth. Johnson led from start to finish with Barber now in second and doing his best to hold off Bill Phillips, Jr., Howell and Raymond Reynolds. As the race continued, second was a toss up with Barber, Howell and Reynolds all taking turns swapping spots. At the finish it was Johnson getting the win over Reynolds, Howell, Pat Fielding and Duke Davidson. Johnson and Eck split heat wins.

The Pure Stocks was anyone’s race, as Rich “Rhinestone” Anderson took the lead from fellow front-row starter Scott Carbaugh. Anderson led the first three laps with Andrew Wallace in second and Brad Benton third. On lap four, Wallace took the lead and was holding Anderson at bay when Benton took over second one lap seven before taking the lead. At the finish, it was Benton getting the win over Wallace, Anderson, Justin Centra and Tyrone Hendley. Benton also won the heat.

Cody Stover and Jeff Huber brought the Littles Auto Sales Four Cylinders to the green with Huber taking the lead. Huber was setting a torrid pace, but Larry Conklin Jr. was third behind Stover. A crash on lap four halted the action when Tyler Gill got crossed up and was hit head on by Larry Conklin Sr. Both drivers were ok.

After a number of cautions, Huber was still leading, with Conklin a solid second and Kolton Wagner now up to third from eighth. On lap eight, Huber caught the wall in turn one, ending his night and giving the lead to Conklin.

By this time the time limit had expired and a two-lap dash for the checkered was held, with Conklin leading on the white flag with Wagner making his move off the fourth turn to take the win at the line. Conklin, Dylan Snyder, Greg Keihl and Cory Price completed the top five. Heat wins went to Conklin Jr, Stover and Huber.

PIT NOTES: 75 cars filled the pits, including: 13 Super Late Models, 14 Semi Lates, 7 Small Block Modifieds, 13 Street Stocks, 7 Pure Stocks and 21 Four Cylinders … The Hyde Fire Co. 50/50 was $1,516 … Coming this week is another regular show for the Super Late Models, Semi Lates, Small Block Modifieds, Street Stocks, Pure Stocks and Little’s Auto Sale Four Cylinders, plus it’s Fathers Day, all dads get $2 off general admission. Keep watching our website and our Facebook page for an updated schedule.


Super Late Models

1. Max Blair, Centerville; 2. Darrell Bossard, 3. John Wayne Weaver, 4. Billy Eash, 5. Ryan Scott, 6. Luke Hoffner, 7. Denny Fenton, 8. Dou Eck, 9. Curtis Teats, 10. Josh Whetstone, 11. Neil Wilson.

Did Not Start: Nathan Brady and Dan Gill.

Semi Lates

Jarid Ivory, Irvona; 2. Josh Jacoby, 3. Adam Nixon, 4. Ryan Jacoby, 5. Gary Little, 6. Corey Jones, 7. Jeremy Lippert, 8. Mike Blazer, 9. Chad Hooven, 10. Paul Ivory, 11. Levi Ardery, 12. Jordan Luzier, 13. Justin Owens, 14. Eric Lucas.

Small Block Modifieds

1. Todd English, Clearfield; 2. Erik Bowser, 3. Josh Henry, 4. Jerry Bowser, 5. Jeff Fink, 6. Chris Luzier.

Did Not Start: Fay Lumadue.

Street Stocks

1. Brent Johnson, Brookville; 2. Ray Reynolds, 3. Rich Howell, 4. Pat Fielding, 5. Duke Davidson, 6. Jamie Barber, 7. Dustin Goss, 8. Josh Wilshire, 9. Josh Retorick, 10. Bill Phillips Jr., 11. Mark Clark, 12. Douglas Eck, 13. Cregen Brady.

Pure Stocks

1. Brad Benton, Duncansville; 2. Andrew Wallace, 3. Rich Anderson, 4. Justin Centra, 5. Tyrone Hendley, 6. Scott Carbaugh, 7. Sam Pennington.

Little’s Auto Sales Four Cylinders

1. Kolton Wagner, Lewistown; 2. Larry Conklin Jr., 3. Dylan Snyder, 4. Greg Keihl, 5. Cory Price, 6. Cody Stover, 7. Michael Boring, 8. Kevin Trimpy, 9. Austin Fedder, 10. Zoey Lance, 11. Jeff Huber, 12. Eric Luzier, 13. Dustin Miller, 14. Tyler Gill, 15. Nick Eck, 16. Larry Conklin Sr., 17. Kyler Henry, 18. Michael Shobert.

Did Not Start: Casey Burch and Joe Huber. Disqualified: Brooks Kaufman.


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