Driver Andrew Yoder picks up win at Clinton County Speedway

MILL HALL — Twenty -nine limited-late models were in competition this past weekend at the Clinton County Speedway to kick off the Fourth of July weekend that also included a fireworks show.

Andrew Yoder recorded his 14th career victory in the limited-late model feature event. Other winners were A.J. Stroup in the pro stocks, Lock Haven’s Jeffery Weaver in the 270 micro sprints, Cody Hauck in the 600 micro sprints and Renovo’s Maddox Smith in the four-cylinder division.

Yoder and Jersey Shore’s Joe Lusk started on the front row for the 25-lap limited-late model feature event. Lusk led the opening laps with cautions occurring at the completion of lap 1 and lap 2, allowing Yoder restart alongside Lusk for the double file restarts. Lusk used the outside line to gain the lead heading into the first turn with Yoder utilizing the low side of the speedway.

On lap four, Yoder took the lead from Lusk, with Williamsport’s Matt Cochran, Nick Erksrine and JR Toner in the top five. On lap 15, Cochran moved into the runner up position as the leaders began to encounter lapped traffic. The final caution flag of the event occurred on lap number 17 involving Toner.

Yoder continued to set the pace holding off Cochran, Erskine, Dan Zechman, and Lusk. Sixth through tenth were Renovo’s Mike Smith, Ronnie Buttenfield, Joe Loffredo, Mill Hall’s Tim Luben and Bernie Whiteford.

A.J. Stroup started on the outside of row number one for the 15 lap pro stock feature alongside pole sitter Jason Smith of Williamsport. Stroup jumped out front and led the first four circuits before a caution came out for Mill Hall’s Brad Myers. Linden’s AY Schilling pressured Stroup but was unable to take the position away. Defending track champion Noah Jenson started in the fifth spot and began to challenge Schilling at the midpoint of the race. Jenson took the runner-up position on lap nine, but could not carry enough momentum to get around Stroup, who claimed his first win of the season .

Nick Whitesel and Troy Whitesel started on the front row of the 270 micro feature event. Nick Whitesel held off his father Troy as the duo raced into turn one. On the completion of lap three, fourth-place starter Weaver passed Troy Whitesel for the runner-up position.

The only caution of the event came out on the next circuit, with three cars involved in an accident. Weaver used the restart as his opportunity to maneuver around Nick Whitesel to take the top position as seventh-place starter Timmy Bitner moved into the third position. He was followed by Quinn Robert and Kyler Stahl.

By lap nine, the leaders began to encounter lapped traffic. Weaver put a few lapped cars between him and Whitesel to claim his second consecutive feature win over Whitesel, Roberts, Bitner and Bobby Sanso. Sixth through tenth were Stahl, Hunter Zimmerman, Dan Wertman, Dustin Roberts, and Jerold Heil.

Cody Hauck and Weaver were the front-row starters for the 15-lap Werner Fuels 600 micro sprint feature. Hauck jumped into the lead with Weaver close in tow. The red flag came out on lap two as several cars got together in turns three and four. All drivers were OK.

On the restart, Hauck and Weaver raced hard into turns one and two. As the two battled for the lead, Weaver lost his left rear tire, bringing out the caution and forcing him to retire his car to the pits for the evening. Hauck led the field back to the green flag with Josh Beamer, Dylan Anderson, and Tristan Hoffman completing the top five.

Renovo’s Maddox Smith started on the pole for the 12 lap four-cylinder feature alongside AJ Hoffner. The youngster led the field from green to checkered flag with Hoffner trying to contest for the lead.

Hoffner’s hopes came up short of lap 10 as his car had a front tire going flat, allowing Michael Boring to move into second. At the finish, Smith claimed his second consecutive victory over Boring, Sterling Kepner, Kennedy Courter and Hoffner.

Limited-late models: 1. Andrew Yoder 2. Matt Cochran 3. Nick Erskine 4. Dan Zechman 5. Joe Lusk 6. Mike Smith 7. Ronnie Buttenfield 8. Joe Loffredo 9. Tim Luben 10. Bernie Whiteford 11. JR Toner 12. Nick Loffredo 13. Kevin Probst 14. Chase Bowsman 15. Nate Smith 16. Denny Fourney 17. Caleb Whiteford 18. Mike Blazer DNS – Levi Ardery, Jarod Ivory, Matt Adams, Jared Ivory, Nate Smith, Doug Surra, Dan Boyd, Cody Lucas, Bob McMillen, Devin Hart, Dan Condo, Jamin Chapman

Pro stock: 1. AJ Stroup 2. Noah Jensen 3. A.Y. Schilling 4. Robert Tressler 5. Jason Smith 6. Bradly Benton 7. Rich Fye 8. Wayne Shaffer 9. Cory Long 10. Marc Bitler 11. Kevin VanAmburg 12. Brad Myers 13. Brandon Moser 14. Tommy Dawson 15. Tim Steis 16. Mike Benton 17. Todd Geyer, Sr.

600 micros: 1. Cody Hauck 2. Josh Beamer 3. Dylan Anderson 4. Sierra Hauck 5. Tristan Hoffman 6. Jeff Gyuina 7. Brock Puterbaugh 8. Mitch Holden 9 Bob Bogart 10. Jeffrey Weaver 11. Bobby Sanso 12. Timmy Bitner 13. Lance Spotts 14. John Adams 15. Tyson Mowery 16. Derek Swartz 17. Dermot Thompson

270 micros: 1. Jeffrey Weaver 2. Troy Whitesel 3. Quinn Roberts 4. Timmy Bitner 5. Bobby Sanso 6. Kyler Stahl 7. Hunter Zimmerman 8. Dan Wertman 9. Dustin Roberts 10. Jerrod Heil 11. Preston Phillips 12. Mathew Dixon 13. Buddy Kramer 14. Michael Holden 15. Kyle Keiper 16. Gary Keister 17. Nick Whitesel 18. Logan Hammaker 19. JR Horwar 20. John Roberts

Four-cylinders: 1. Maddox Smith 2. AJ Hoffner 3. Michael Boring 4. Sterling Kepner 5. Cody Cassloff 6. Kenney Courter 7. Michael Luther 8. John Bowen 9. Skylar Witchler 10. Zachary Rill 11. Eric Midler


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