English takes SB Mod win at Hidden Valley

CLEARFIELD — Todd English of Clearfield picked up the $1,000 Small Block Modified Special on Saturday night at Hidden Valley Speedway, becoming the only driver to repeat on the night.

New winners included: Ryan Scott of Garland in the Super Late Models, Gary Little of Clearfield in the TH Port-A-John Semi Late Models, Duke Davidson of Mahaffey in the Street Stocks, Andrew Wallace of Altoona in the Pure Stocks and Jeff Huber of Langville in the Little’s Drive In Four Cylinders.

Les Myers of Reno and Jeff Manners of Cherry Tree won in their respective class of Vintage Modifieds making a special visit for the night.

Ryan Scott and Bob Dorman brought the Super Late Models to the green flag with Scott taking the lead like a shot out of a cannon. Dorman fell into second before he suffered mechanical problems and dropped out. The restart saw Scott still in the lead, but the battle for second was where the fans were watching, as Luke Hoffner had second at first, then Dylan Fenton assumed the position, while Josh Whetstone sat fourth and Billy Eash was fifth.

Second through fifth was a close race, with positions swapping frequently as the rest of the field got into the battle at one time or another. Hoffner then took second from Fenton on lap 20, then Fenten lost the handle and brought out the second yellow of the night. The final five laps saw Scott continue to lead and eventually pick up his second career win, his first at HVS. Hoffner came home second with John Wayne Weaver coming in third, Eash was fourth and Fenton worked his way back to fifth. Heat wins went to Scott and Eash.

Gary Little and Jarid Ivory brought the TH Port-A-John Semi Lates to the start, as Little took the lead and Adam Nixon moved into second with Rich Wicker in third. Wicker moved by Nixon a lap later for second and was on Little’s bumper. While Little may have led from green to finish, his win wasn’t easy, as Wicker was all over the 69 the entire 20-lap distance. The Jacoby brothers, Josh and Ryan, joined in the fight, along with Tom Decker II, as the top five were under a blanket. But Little wasn’t about to be denied as he picked up his first win of the season. Wicker was second, Ryan Jacoby was third, Josh Jacoby was fourth and Decker was fifth. Heat winners were Little, Wicker and Ivory.

Todd English continued his winning ways by beating pole-sitter Trent Ogden off the line at the start. While English may have won the event, Ogden hounded him the entire distance, as the only caution was a red flag on the opening lap when newcomer Dillon Barr spun in turn two and Chris Luzier drove over the spinning car and flew through the air, landing on his wheels. No one was hurt, but both were out of the race.

English went back to lead on the complete restart as Ogden sat second with Josh Deems beating Josh Henry for third. Aaron Casher completed the top five at the waving of Brian Biancuzzio’s checkered flag. Heat wins went to Ogden and English.

The Vintage Modifieds made their annual visit to the speedway with Les Myers taking the lead from Mark Hahn at the green and holding off Cody Schultz for the first seven laps, but he caught a tire in the turn and ended his night. Myers then went on to win easily over Hahn, Steve Longo, Gene Wrightstone and Jeff Manners. Manners was the winner of the Sportsmen’s event as the two classes run their feature together. The heats were won by Manners and Hahn.

Duke Davidson outran Joe Wilshire to start the Street Stock feature, and he never looked back, leading the whole race. Bill Phillips Jr. sat second initially, before Rich Howell and Raymond Reynolds got into the battle with Phillips. As Davidson was leading, Howell was able to take second from Phillips on lap 9 as Phillips went high in turns three and four, bringing Reynold along for third. When the checkered flag waved, it was Davidson getting his first win of the season over Howell, Reynolds, Cragen Brady and Phillips. Howell and Davidson split heat wins.

The Pure Stocks saw Andrew Wallace and Todd Coble on the front row, with Wallace taking the lead and setting off in the lead. Wallace was determined to get his first career win and he wasn’t letting anything stop him, as he opened up a nice lead over second place. Two quick cautions slowed the feature early as Wallace held on for the win over Brad Benton, Rich Anderson, Justin Centra and Sam Pennington. Wallace and Benton won the heats.

The Little’s Drive-In Four Cylinders saw Jeff Huber and Darrin Thompson sit on the front row, with Huber taking the lead and taking the eventual win. Thompson was second for the first few laps before Kevin Criswell took second and began to pressure Huber for the win. At the checkered flag it was Huber getting his first win of the season, over Criswell, Michael Shobert, Greg Keihl and Tanner Ogden. Thompson, Huber and Criswell copped qualifying wins.

Super Late Models

1. Ryan Scott, Garland; 2. Luke Hoffner, 3. John Wayne Weaver, 4. Billy Eash, 5. Dylan Fenton, 6. Tom Decker III, 7. Josh Whetstone, 8. Del Rougeux, 9. Bob Dorman.

DNS: Jeff Weakland.

TH Port-A-John Semi Lates

1. Gary Little, Clearfield; 2. Rich Wicker, 3. Ryan Jacoby, 4. Josh Jacoby, 5. Tom Decker, 6. Jarid Ivory, 7. Levi Ardery, 8. Caleb Whiteford, 9. George Bailey, 10. Justin Owens, 11. Chad Hooven, 12. Jordan Luzier, 13. Jeremy Lippert, 14. Bernie Whiteford Jr., 15. Adam Nixon, 16. Eric Lucas, 17. Chad Desmett.

Small Block Modifieds

1. Todd English, Clearfield, 2. Trent Ogden, 3. Josh Deems, 4. Josh Henry, 5. Aaron Casher, 6. Fay Lumadue, 7. Dillon Barr, 8. Erik Bowser, 9. Chris Luzier.

DNS: Jerry Bowser.

PA Thunder On Dirt Vintage Modifieds

1. Les Myers, Reno, 2. Mark Hahn, 3. Steve Longo, 4. Gene Wrightstone, 5. Jeff Manners, 6. Hank Coles, 7. Bobby Coles, 8. Dale Zimmer, 9. Cody Schultz, 10. David Myers.

Street Stocks

1. Duke Davidson, Mahaffey; 2. Rich Howell, 3. Raymond Reynolds, 4. Cragen Brady, 5. Bill Phillips, Jr., 6. Chad Rougeux, 7. Allen Lamb, 8. Joe Wilshire, 9. Mark Bell.

Pure Stocks

1. Andrew Wallace, Altoona; 2. Brad Benton, 3. Rich Anderson, 4. Justin centra, 5. Sam Pennington, 6. Ray Lippert, 7. Lon Savage, Jr., 8. Todd Coble.

Little’s Drive-In Four Cylinders

1. Jeff Huber, Langville; 2. Kevin Criswell, 3. Michael Shobert, 4. Greg Kiehl, 5. Tanner Ogden, 6. Michael Boring, 7. Jimmy Ogden, 8. Isaac Irvin, 9. Kevin Trimpy, 10. Jake Pennington, 11. Levi Luzier, 12. Austin Fedder, 13. Zoey Lance, 14. Jimmy Delozier, 15. Jason Elensky, 16. Kyler Henry, 17. Austin Hockenburry, 18. William Kephart, 19. Larry Conklin Sr., 20. Darrin thompson, 21. Jake Adams, 22. Cory Price, 23. Larry Conklin Jr.

DNS: Eric Luzier and Timmy Howe.


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