Kyle Larson wins at Port Royal Speedway

The 30th annual PA Speedweek concluded Saturday at Port Royal after 81 drivers ran nine nights of shows, and 17 drivers ran all nine shows. Kyle Larson won the 2020 Red Robin PA Speedweek championship over Danny Dietrich and Ryan Smith.

It was also the second annual Greg Hodnett Classic, and Larson was able to show the Posse that he is a force to contend with. Larson overtook Logan Wagner on lap 10 and held off the heavy pursuit of Brent Marks and Rico Abreu for the remaining 20 laps to pick up his first career win at the Juniata County oval. The win was worth $10,027 and put the final touches on what was a dominating run for the California native that had him capturing four victories and the championship when all was said and done.

He also earned an additional $1,027 courtesy of a bounty placed by Ron Rutherford and fans for stopping the streak of four in a row by Anthony Macri at The Speed Palace.

In the super-late model feature, Rick Eckert picked up his tenth career River Valley Builders super-late model feature win over Colton Flinner, Andy Haus, Jason Covert and Dylan Yoder. The win was worth $2,500.

Larson had also picked up Mitch Smith Memorial Friday at Williams Grove Speedway — the crown jewel of Pennsylvania Sprint Car Speedweek — and Larson’s first career Williams Grove win that was worth $15,000.

At Clinton County Speedway, 29 limited-late models were in competition Friday and Andrew Yoder recorded his 14th career victory in the limited-late model feature event. Other winners were A.J. Stroup in the pro stocks, Lock Haven’s Jeffery Weaver in the 270 micro sprints, Cody Hauck in the 600 micro sprints and Renovo’s Maddox Smith in the four-cylinder division.

At Hidden Valley, the family of Chester D. Bailey presented the racing action Saturday as Gallitzin’s Joey Petyak led a string of four new winners as the track celebrated America’s independence with a full pit area. Other new winners included Duke Davidson in the street stocks, Tim Steis in the pure stock special and Chris Anderson in the Littles Drive-In four cylinders.

Repeat winners included Rich Wicker in the TH Port-A-John semi lates and Todd English in the small block modifieds.

Down at BAPS, Russ Mitten went to the back twice and came through to claim the prestigious Firecracker 40 for the Super Sportsman and bank a sizable $2,500 payday. It was his first BAPS Super Sportsman win of 2020 at the York Haven facility. It was also his first victory in the Firecracker 40.

Troy Miller dominated the 20-lap Creekside Auto Sales late model main event, which featured one caution over the race distance. Miller started on the pole and never looked back. There was a caution at the halfway point, but Miller kept the field behind him for the win.

In the Frankie’s Used Auto Parts/Mike’s Towing street stock main event, Brian Walls took the lead on the third circuit and cruised to the win.

Scott Houdeshell topped the 21-car field in a Gene Latta Ford Central PA Legends presented by Baker Door Company main event that featured seven caution periods.

After hanging around the front all night, Alex Ferree found himself rising to the late race call, scoring the big win at Bedford on Friday. The win came in the track’s annual tribute to former racer Milt Miller but had extra meaning with the recent death of former racer and track employee Tom Gill. It was worth $3,000 to the fleet Ferree.

In other action, Bill Replogle scored another semi-late victory, Mike Altobelli Jr. took the EMod win and Josh Spicer took the 305 finale, after leading all 20 laps.

See you at the races.


410 Sprint Car Results- 1. Kyle Larson ($11,054) 2.Brent Marks 3. Rico Abreu 4. Brock Zearfoss 5. Lance Dewease

Late Model Results; 1. Rick Eckert ($2500) 2.Colton Flinner 3. Andy Haus 4. Jason Covert 5. Dylan Yoder


Sprint Car Feature (30 laps): 1. Kyle Larson. 2. Lance Dewease. 3. Brent Marks. 4. Rico Abreu. 5. Freddie Rahmer.


SUPER SPORTSMAN “DELLINGER’S AUTO BODY FIRECRACKER 40” Feature (40 Laps): 1. 77-Russ Mitten[4]; 2. 3B-Mike Enders[13]; 3. 70D-Frankie Herr[2]; 4. 2M-Matt Ondek[10]; 5. 7-Timmie Barrick[5]

CREEKSIDE AUTO SALES LATE MODELS Feature (20 Laps): 1. 115-Troy Miller[1]; 2. 118-Sean Merkel[3]; 3. 62-Devin Frey[4]; 4. H22-Eric Hohol[2]; 5. 18-Derrick Mease[6]

MIKE’S TOWING & RECOVERY/FRANKIE’S USED AUTO PARTS STREET STOCKS Feature (20 Laps): 1. 1-Brian Walls[3]; 2. 18-Jasen Geesaman[4]; 3. 1W-Michelle Walls[6]; 4. 21W-Will Walls[10]; 5. 80D-Greg Diehl[2]

GENE LATTA FORD CENTRAL PA LEGENDS PRESENTED BY BAKER DOOR COMPANY Feature (20 Laps): 1. 5-Scott Houdeshell[7]; 2. 14W-Stephen Wurtzer[4]; 3. 41-Chuck Dell Jr[9]; 4. 0-Michael McClane[10]; 5. UGLY-Tim O’Sheehan[13]


Super Late Models: 1. Joey Petyak, Gallitzin; 2. Denny Fenton, 3. Luke Hoffner, 4. David Scott, 5. Ryan Scott

TH Port-A-John Semi Lates: 1. Rich Wicker, Mahaffey; 2. Tom Decker, Jr., 3. Jarid Ivory, 4. Gary Little, 5. Jason Mullen

Small Block Modifieds: 1. Todd English, Clearfield; 2. Josh Deens, 3. Aaron Casher, 4. Josh Henry, 5. Erik Bowser

Street Stocks: 1. Duke Davidson, Mahaffey; 2. Zack Gustafson, 3. Rich Howell, 4. Ray Reynold, 5. Billy Phillips Jr.

Pure Stock Special: 1. Tim Steis, St. Mary’s; 2. Dennis Harrison, Jr., 3. Rich Anderson, 4. Greg Blystone, 5. Andrew Wallace

Little’s Drive In Four Cylinders: 1. Chris Anderson, Rockville; 2. Joe Huber, 3. Jeff Huber, 4. Shane Seville, 5. Kolton Wagner


Metzler’s Auto, Truck & Trailer Wingless Super Sportsman (20 cars): 1. Joey Biasi 2. Steve Wilbur 3. Derek Sheaffer 4. Billy Brian, Jr. 5. Craig Perigo

Macri Concrete 600cc Micros (22 cars): 1. Mike Thompson 2. Logan Rumsey 3. Logan Spahr 4. Mike Rutherford 5. Jason Swavely

4 Cylinder Thunder Cars (11 cars): 1. Parker Starr 2. Kevin Bard 3. Brian Gordon 4. Cameron Defenderfer 5. Doug Sales

4 Cylinder Strictly Stocks (31 cars, 24 to start): 1. Justin Williamson 2. Robert Cutshall 3. Anthony Varner 4. Tim Raup 5. Tyler Stine

T.A Ward Construction 270cc Micros (28 cars, 24 to start): 1. Cory Myers 2. Brent Shearer 3. Mike Rutherford 4. Wyatt Rotz 5. Adrian Shaffer



Limited Late Models: 1. Andrew Yoder 2. Matt Cochran 3. Nick Erskine 4. Dan Zechman 5. Joe Lusk

Pro Stock: 1. AJ Stroup 2. Noah Jensen 3. A.Y. Schilling 4. Robert Tressler 5. Jason Smith

600 Micros: 1. Cody Hauck 2. Josh Beamer 3. Dylan Anderson 4. Sierra Hauck 5. Tristan Hoffman

270 Micros: 1. Jeffrey Weaver 2. Troy Whitesel 3. Quinn Roberts 4. Timmy Bitner 5. Bobby Sanso

4-Cylinders: 1. Maddox Smith 2. AJ Hoffner 3. Michael Boring 4. Sterling Kepner 5. Cody Cassloff.


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