Petyak leads host of new Hidden Valley winners

CLEARFIELD — The Family of Chester D. Bailey presented the racing action Saturday night at Hidden Valley Speedway, as Gallitzin’s Joey Petyak led a string of four new winners as the track celebrated our country’s independence with a full pit area.

Other new winners include: Duke Davidson of Mahaffey in the street stocks, Tim Steis of St. Mary’s in the pure stock special, and Chris Anderson of Rockville in the Littles Drive In four cylinders.

Repeat winners included Rich Wicker of Mahaffey in the TH Port-A-John semi lates and Todd English of Clearfield in the small block modifieds.

Petyak and Del Rougux led the super late models to the green flag with Petyak taking the lead at the start and holding the top spot the entire 25-lap distance. As he was pulling away from the field, the battle for second was heating up, as Rougeux held the second spot first, then Damian Bidwell took over second on lap five. He held the runner up spot for much of the race, holding off Denny Fenton, who was throwing all he had at Bidwell. On lap 16, Fenton was able to get by Bidwell and take over second.

He set his sights on Petyak, but just could not reel in the leader. Bidwell continued to fall through the field as the checkered flag waved. At the line the top five were: Petyak, Fenton, Luke Hoffner from eighth, David Scott from 15th and Ryan Scott from 10th. Heat wins went to Tommy Beck, Billy Eash and Rougeux.

Rich Wicker beat Caleb Whiteford off the line to start the TH Port-A-John semi lates, but on lap two, Whiteford had taken the lead. As he led, Wicker was on his bumper, then on lap six, Whiteford was the caution, giving the lead to Wicker, who held on for his second win of the season. Tom Decker Jr, Jarid Ivory, Gary Little and Jason Mullen completed the top five. Heat wins went to Whiteford, Wicker and Ryan Jacoby.

Todd English and Josh Henry started the small block modified feature on row one, with English taking the lead and going the distance for his second win of the season. Henry was second for much of the race, battling with Aaron Casher as they swapped the spot a few times. On lap 12, newcomer Josh Deens took second from Henry, who faded to fourth. At the finish it was English winning over Deens, Cashier, Henry and Erik Bowser. English also won the heat.

Duke Davidson outran Zack Gustafson to start the street stock feature. As Davidson led the event flag-to-flag, Gustafson held on to second, first holding off Ray Reynolds then Gustafsson. Reynolds then lost third to Rich Howell as Davidson picked up his first win of the season. The top five were: Davidson, Gustafson, Howell, Reynolds, and Bill Phillips Jr. Phillips won the heat.

The pure stock special saw 12 cars answer the call with Tim Steis taking the lead at the start from fellow front-row starter Greg Blystone. Steis led from green to checkered as Dennis Harrison Jr. was pressuring Blystone for second much of the race. But Blystone lost the handle on lap 13, giving Harrison the second spot. At the finish it was Steis picking up the $500 win over Harrison, Rich Anderson, Blystone and Andrew Wallace. Heat wins went to Steis and Blystone.

The Hubers led the Little’s Drive In Four Cylinders, Joe on the inside and Jeff on the outside as the green waved it was Joe taking the lead with Chris Anderson falling into second and Jeff Huber in third. Anderson would take the lead on lap three and hold on to get his first win of the season in the time limit shortened event. The top five were: Anderson, Joe Huber, Jeff Huber, Shane Sevill and Kolton Wagner. Heat wins went to Joe Huber, Rob Williams and Larry Conklin Jr.

Super Late Models

1. Joey Petyak, Gallitzin; 2. Denny Fenton, 3. Luke Hoffner, 4. David Scott, 5. Ryan Scott, 6. Billy Eash, 7. Damian Bidwell, 8. Tommy Beck, 9. Waylon Wagner, 10. Jon Rohacevich, 11. Tom Decker, III, 12. Jeremy Ohl, 13. Curtis Teats, 14. Derek Rodkey, 15. Brent Bingaman, 16. Garrett Mott, 17. Josh Whetstone, 18. Hunter Proctor, 19. Del Rougeux, 20. John Wayne Weaver. Did not start: Chris Farrell

TH Port-A-John Semi Lates

1. Rich Wicker, Mahaffey; 2. Tom Decker, Jr., 3. Jarid Ivory, 4. Gary Little, 5. Jason Mullen, 6. Eric Lucas, 7. Cheyenne Reed Jr., 8. Justin Owens, 9. Adam Nixon, 10. Jeremy Lippert, 11. Ryan Jacoby, 12. Corey Jones, 13. Caleb Whiteford, 14. Paul Ivory, 15. Jacob Sarnovsky, 16. Chad desmett, 17. Shane Nihart, 18. Bernie Whiteford Jr., 19. Raven Fuller, 20. Jordan Luzier.

Small Block Modifieds

1. Todd English, Clearfield; 2. Josh Deens, 3. Aaron Casher, 4. Josh Henry, 5. Erik Bowser, 6. Chris Luzier, 7. Jamie Luzier. Did not start: Jerry Bowser.

Street Stocks

1. Duke Davidson, Mahaffey; 2. Zack Gustafson, 3. Rich Howell, 4. Ray Reynold, 5. Billy Phillips Jr., 6. Allen Lamb, 7. Chad Rougeux, 8. Cory Wolfe, 9. Dustin Challingsworth.

Pure Stock Special

1. Tim Steis, St. Mary’s; 2. Dennis Harrison, Jr., 3. Rich Anderson, 4. Greg Blystone, 5. Andrew Wallace, 6. Sam Pennington, 7. Justin Centra, 8. Andrew Frey, 9. Dalton Gustafson, 10. Brad Benton. Did not start: Scott Carbaugh and Ryan Snyder.

Little’s Drive In Four Cylinders

1. Chris Anderson, Rockville; 2. Joe Huber, 3. Jeff Huber, 4. Shane Seville, 5. Kolton Wagner, 6. Cory Price, 7. Eric Luzier, 8. Tyler Watson, 9. Michael Boring, 10. Larry Conklin Sr., 11. Zoey Lance, 12. Milton Stiles, 13. Larry Conklin Jr., 14. Dylan Snyder, 15. Darrin Thompson, 16. Rob Williams, 17. Levi Luzier, 18. Jeffrey Marlett Jr., 19. Darren Norris, 20. Kyler Henry, 21. Michael Luther, 22. Tondra Brown, 23. Greg Kiehl, 24. Scott Englert, 25. Michale Shobert. Did not start: Wayne Truitt and Kevin Trimpy


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