Hidden Valley crowns 2020 points champs

CLEARFIELD–The Claude Dean Luzier Memorial was held Saturday night at Hidden Valley Speedway, as the 2020 points championships were decided.

Billy Eash of Johnstown won the O’Reilly Auto Parts Super Late Model feature as well as the title; Tom Decker Jr. of Bellwood picked up his third straight TH Port A John Semi Late Feature, but it was Gary Little of Clearfield who took the title; Todd English of Clearfield picked up his seventh Hugill’s Sanitation Small Block Modified feature en route to his first ever championship; Duke Davidson of Mahaffey won the Street Stock feature, but it was Raymond Reynolds of Fallentimber who earned his career first Street Stock title; Greg Blystone of Indiana picked up the Pure Stock feature while Brad Benton of Duncansville picked up the title, and it was Clearfield’s Eric Luzier doubling up by taking both the Little’s Drive-In Auto Sales/Jess Mayhew Four Cylinders.

The O’Reilly Auto Parts Super Late Models went green-to-checkered, non-stop, and while Eash may have led flag-to-flag, his win wasn’t easy. Ryan Scott and Eash were side-by-side much of the event. When the checkered flag waved it was Eash taking the win over Scott, Luke Hoffner, Curtis Teats and Jon Rohacevich. Hoffner won the heat.

The TH Port A John Semi Lates saw Tom Decker Jr. take the lead from his third place starting spot to lead the opening lap of the feature, with Gary Little sitting second and George Bailey running third the entire distance and that’s how the top three finished the race, with Justin Owens and Chad Hooven completing the top five. Heat wins went to Rich Wicker and Owens.

Todd English and Chris Luzier led the Hugill’s Sanitation Small Block Modifieds to the start, with English taking the lead. Luzier was second until lap 3 when Trent Ogden moved into second.

Disaster struck on lap 7 when John Henry looped his car in turns three and four and Erik Bowser had nowhere to go. Bowser caught Henry in the side. Henry was transported to Penn Highlands Clearfield for observation by Rescue Hose and Ladder EMS of Curwensville. He was released a short time later with no serious injuries.

English went on to lead the rest of the feature to get the win over Ogden, Aaron Casher, Fay Lumadue and Luzier. English and Ogden won the heats.

The Street Stocks saw Rich Howell beat point leader Raymond Reynolds off the line to lead the opening three laps, before Duke Davidson took the lead and went on to get the win. Howell held on to second while Chad Rougeux, Gary Luzier and Reynolds rounded out the top five. By finishing fifth, Reynolds was able to earn his career first street stock title. Heat wins went to Reynolds and Luzier.

Once they got all the cautions out of the way, Brad Benton beat Rich Anderson off the line to start the Pure Stock feature. Benton led the first three laps, before Greg Blystone took the lead and eventually picked up the win. Benton had fallen out of contention. The top five were: Blystone, Anderson, Todd Guyer Sr., Bob Holt and Ray Majewsky. Heat wins went to Blystone and Holt. Even though he dropped out, Benton was able to pick up the title.

Eric Luzier and Kolton Wagner led the Little’s Drive-In Auto Sale/Jess Mayhew Four Cylinders to the start with Luzier taking the lead and holding Wagner at bay the entire distance, which was cut short due to the time limit. At the line it was Luzier winning the feature and the title, Wagner, Larry Conklin, Jr., Anthony Sones and Melvin McCartney completed the top five. Heat wins went to Luzier, Austin Hockenburry and Adam Campbell.


O’Reilly Auto Parts Super Late Models

1. Billy Eash, Johnstown; 2. Ryan Scott, 3. Luke Hoffner, 4. Curtis Teats, 5. Jon Rohacevich, 6. Josh Whetstone.

TH Port A John Semi Lates

1. Tom Decker, Jr., Tyrone; 2. Gary Little, 3. George Bailey, 4. Justin Owens, 5. Chad Hoover, 6. Jim Decker, 7. Eric Lucas, 8. Jordan Luzier, 9. Jeremy Lippert, 10. Rich Wicker.

Hugill’s Sanitation Small Block Modifieds

1. Todd English, Clearfield; 2. Trent Ogden, 3. Aaron Casher, 4. Fay Lumadue, 5. Chris Luzir, 6. Erik Bowser, 7. Josh Henry.

Did not start: Milton Owens.

Street Stocks

1. Duke Davidson, Mahaffey, 2. Rich Howell, 3. Chad Rougeux, 4. Gary Luzier, 5. Raymond Reynolds, 6. Richard Cutler.

Did not start: Mike Benton and Mark Clark.

Pure Stocks

1. Greg Blystone, Indiana; 2. Rich Anderson, 3. Todd Guyer, Sr., 4. Bob Holt, 5. Ron Majewsky, 6. Todd Coble, 7. Brad Benton, 8. Bill Hummel, 9. Derek Lippert, 10. Sam Pennington.

Did not start: Ray Rothfus.

Little’s Drive In Auto Sales/Jess Mayhew Four Cylinders

1. Eric Luzier, Clearfield; 2. Kolton Wagner, 3. Larry Conklin Jr., 4. Anthony Sones, 5. Melvin McCartney, 6. Austin Hockenburry, 7. Ryan Lippert, 8. Tanner Ogden, 9. Cory Price, 10. Jason Elensky, 11. Jimmy Ogden, 12. Andy Proper, 13. Isaac Irvin, 14. Tyler Gill, 15. Larry Conklin Sr., 16. Dustin Miller, 17. Greg Kiehl, 18. Jake Adams, 19. Ron McCartney, 20. Michael Boring, 21. Tim Raup, 22. Kyler Henry, 23. John Brown, 24. Joe Huber. 25. Darrin Thompson, 26. Jake Pennington, 27. Michael Shobert, 28. Adam Campbell, 29. Kevin Trimpey.


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