Bellefonte bring home two winners from Altoona

Bellefonte’s Lane Aikey (120) and Ethan Richner (160) both earned first-place finishes at the 2021 District 6 Class AAA tournament at Altoona high school.

Aikey defeated Altoona’s Caleb Fasick 10-2 to claim the title and Richner got the best of Hollidaysburg’s Campbell Walls in a 5-0 victory.

Garrett Choates (106), Aidan O’Shea (113), Jude Swisher (132) and Ethan Rossman (189) all finished in second for the Raiders.

Nathan Smith (126), Stephen Ivcic (172) and Addison Shawley (285) finished third.


106: Quarterfinals: N. Horne, H, pinned M. Baney, SC, 1:10. Semifinals: C. Smith, J, pinned N. Horne, H, 0:42; G. Choates, Blf, dec. C. Foster, CM, 6-1. Final: C. Smith, J, tech fall G. Choates, Bft, 17-2 (5:59).

113: Quarterfinals: J. Campbell, SC, tech fall X. Adams, H, 17-2 (3:25); T. Smith, J, pinned E. Wisor, A, 1:12. Semifinals: N. Allison, MC, pinned J. Campbell, 0:36; A. O’Shea, Bft, dec. T. Smith, J, 4-2. Final: N. Allson, MC, dec. A. O’Shea, Bft, 6-0.

120: Quarterfinals: Z. Cooper, CM, dec. B. Weaverling, SC, 9-5. Semifinals: L. Aikey, Bft, dec. Z. Cooper, CM, 7-0; C. Fasick, A, pinned H. Johnson, MC, 3:01. Final: L. Aikey, Bft, maj. dec. C. Fasick, A, 10-2.

126: Quarterfinals: N. Smith, Bft, tech fall J. Carlucci, 16-0 (6:00); B. Aumiller, MC, dec. B. Praul, H, 9-3. Semifinals: L. Simcox, CM, pinned N. Smith, Bft, 0:49; O. Woolcott, SC, pinned B. Aumiller, MC, 3:14. Final: L. Simcox, CM, dec. O. Woolcott, SC, 1-0.

132: Quarterfinals: D. Schaeffer, MC, dec. G. Serafini, CM, 7-4; D. Finnegan, A, maj. dec. G. Rabenstein, H, 8-0; P. Manville, SC, pinned T. Jabs, J, 1:09. Semifinals: J. Swisher, Bft, pinned D. Schaeffer, MC, 1:27; P. Manville, SC, tech fall D. Finnegan, A, 18-1 (4:17). Final: P. Manville, SC, dec. J. Swisher, Bft, 2-1.

138: Quarterfinals: P. Kearns, MC, pinned D. Dann, Bft, 5:56; W. Tennity, SC, pinned W. Barnes, H, 5:12. Semifnials: M. Sarbo, A, pinned P. Kearns, MC, 1:59; T. Weaver, CM, tech fall W. Tennity, SC, 16-0 (4:00). Final: M. Sarbo, A, pinned T. Weaver, 2:22.

145: Quarterfinals: G. Long, Bft, pinned K. Martin, SC, 4:44; N. Burkey, H, pinned T. Aurand, J, 5:22. Semifinals: K. Everly, MC, pinned K. Martin, 0:45; G. Walizer, CM, def. N. Burkey. Final: G. Walizer, CM, dec. K. Everly, MC, 7-2.

152″ Quarterfinals: J. Bomberger, J, dec. A. McChesney, Bft, 7-5; R. Serafini, CM, dec. J. Cunningham, MC, 9-7. Semifinals: A. Zerbee, A, dec. J. Bomberger, 5-1; R. Serafini, CM, pinned C. Weaverling, SC, 5:25. Final: R. Serafini, CM, dec. A. Zerbee, A, 6-5.

160: Quarterfinals: D. Galentine, CM, dec. G. Black, A, 5-1; A. Wagner, MC, pinned B. Newby, SC, 5:34. Semifinals: E. Richner, Bft, pinned D. Galentine, CM, 0:13; C. Walls, H, pinned A. Wagner, MC, 2:34. Final: E. Richner, Bft, pinned C. Walls, H, 3:05.

172: Quarterfinals: A. Sleeth, H, dec. C. Porter, CM, 3-0; S. Ivicic, Bft, pinned A. Kravetz, A, 1:12. Semifinals: T. Kibe, MC, tech fall A. Sleeth, H, 23-8 (4:07); L. Urbas, SC, tech fall S. Ivicic, Bft, 21-6 (5:50). Final: T. Kibe, MC, dec. L. Urbas, SC, 4-1.

189: Quarterfinals: T. Shoemaker, MC, pinned B. Blackwell, CM, 2:00; J. Keirn, A, dec. N. Epphimer, H, 4-0; C. Manville, SC, pinned J. Pacheco, J, 0:13. Semifinals: E. Rossman, Bft, maj. dec. T. Shoemaker, MC, 10-0; C. Manville, SC, pinned J. Keirn, A, 0:31. Final: C. Manville, SC, dec. E. Rossman, Bft, 5-4.

215: Quarterfinals: T. Price, SC, pinned J. Kauffman, 0:50; J. Pupo, MC, dec. C. Allmond, A, 4-2. Semifinals: N. Miller, CM, dec. T. Price, SC, 2-1; J. Pupo, MC, dec. M. Barrier ,Bft, 3-1. Final: N. Miller, CM, maj. dec. J. Pupo, MC, 9-1.

285: Semifinals: T. Manley, A, dec. A. Shawley, Bft, 5-1; H Schoen, SC, pinned G. Sutliff, CM, 1:28. Final: T. Manley, A, dec. H. Schoen, SC, 3-1.


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