Clinton County Speedway has opening night Saturday; Bard earns a win

MILL HALL — The defending National RaceSaver sprint car champion and 2020 Clinton County Speedway Champion, Garrett Bard of Wells Tannery earned the victory on opening night at 3/8th mile oval at Clinton County Speedway in Mill Hall.

Other winners on opening night included Bandon Moser of Millerstown in the pro stocks, Johnny Smith of Scranton in the 600 micro sprints, Wyatt Rotz of Spring Run in the 270 micro sprints, and Scott Englert of Bellefonte in the four-cylinder stocks cars.

Aaron Jacobus of Corning, New York, and Bard started on the front row of the 25-lap feature event. At the drop of the green flag, Bard jumped into the lead while Jacobus battled with third place started Jeffrey Weaver of Lock Haven for the runner-up position. On lap number 5, Bard chased down the back of the field and began to encounter lapped traffic. Weaver moved into second on lap number eight with Reed Thompson, Ken Duke and Scott Lutz running in the top 5.

Bard continued to dice this way through lapped traffic as his No. 95 car could run low or high on the speedway surface.

“I was able to catch the cushion coming off of turn number 4 and the car handled really well tonight,” said Bard.

As he raced this way through lapped traffic, Weaver was running a strong second, but the third through seventh place cars were contending for position. Lutz and Dakota Schweikart were racing for the third and fourth positions while Ken Duke of Selinsgrove, Dale Schweikart of Linden and Reed Thompson of Petersburg were racing for fifth.

On lap 22, Duke and Dale Schweikart were racing hard. The two cars touched and Schweikart’s car crashed on the front straightaway and rolled over bringing out the red flag. Schweikart was uninjured.

Kevin VanAmburg of Lock Haven and Kris Orwig Sr. led the field of pro stock to the green flag for their 15-lap main event. VanAmburg took the early lead with third-place starter Nathan Stroup in second On lap number two, while running third, Orwig spun out in turn number two and caused a five car pile-up involving Robert Tressler, Rich Fye, Noah Jensen and Gary Mellott. VanAmburg continued to lead upon the restart of the race, while the drivers running in second through fifth positions ran two and three-wide. Brandon Moser, who started fifth moved into the third spot on lap three and took the second spot from Stroup on lap number eight.

Hunter Zimmerman and Tom Quiggle held the front row position for the start of the 270 micro sprint feature. By the completion of lap number one, Denny Rinehimmer advanced from his third place starting spot to lead the first circuit. On the third lap, Jeffrey Weaver moved into second place and began to pressure Rinhimmer. A lap later he made the pass for the lead with Rinehimer, Timmy Bittner, Shawn Musser and Wyatt Rotz running in the top five.

At the races midway point, Rinehimer who was running in second slowed and returned his car to the pit area allowing defending track champion Timmy Bittner to set his sites on catching Weaver. In the meantime, Rotz started moving forward and passed Bitner on lap number 12.

Cody Hauck led the opening laps of the 600 micro sprint feature event. Hauck and Josh Beamer brought the field to the green flag for the 15-lap feature. Second generation drivers Johnny Smith and Jeffrey Weaver contested for the second position, with Smith taking second place at the completion of the second circuit. Hauck, Smith, Weaver, Beamer, and Ethan Spotts were racing in the top five at the event’s halfway mark

The four-cylinder feature took the green flag in the 12-lap main event with Larry Spencer III and Maddox Smith on the front row. Smith led the opening lap with Michael Luther moving into second. At the completion of lap number 2, Smith, Luther, William Kephart crashed in turn number 1.

During opening ceremonies, the speedway honored the 2020 champions including Garrett Bard in the sprint cars, Matt Cochran in the late models, Noah Jensen in the pro stocks, Timmy Bittner in the 270 micro sprints, Tyson Mowery in the 600 micro sprints and Maddox Smith in the four-cylinders.

SPRING CARS: 1. Garrett Bard; 2. Jeffrey Weaver; 3. Scott Lutz; 4. Dakota Schweikart; 5. Ken Duke Jr.; 6. Aaron Jacobus; 7. Reed Thompson; 8. Josh Beamer; 9. Matt Tebbs; 10. James Clavert; 11. Josh Bricker; 12. Andrew Jacobus; 13. Dave Guss Jr.; 14. Dustin Pettyleaf; 15. Dale Schweikart; 16. Ryan Lynn; 17. Jim Kennedy; 18. Austin Greenland; 19. Tylor Cochran.

PRO STOCKS: 1. Brandon Moser; 2. Ray Rothfuss; 3. Noah Jensen; 4. Nathan Stroup; 5. Cory Long; 6. Rooster Peters; 8. Marc Bitler; 9. AY Schilling; 10. Kris Orwig, Sr.; 11. Robert Tressler; 12. Rich Fye; 13. Gary Mellott; 14. Logan Hile; DNS Todd Geyer Sr.

270 MICRO SPRINTS: 1. Wyatt Rotz; 2. Jeffrey Weaver; 3. Timmy Bittner; 4. Shaun Musser; 5. Dan Wertman; 6. Bobby Sanso; 7. Hunter Zimmerman; 8. Buddy Kramer; 9. Logan Hammaker; 10. Matthew Dixon; 11. Tom Quiggle; 12. James Bilger; 13. Levi Brungard; 14. Sam Chamberlin; 15. Denny Rinehimer; 16. Mac Wert; 17. Cory Stabley; DNS: Richard Damore, Tyler Clowes, Brian Bender, Aiden Adams, Mitchel Holden

600 MICRO SPRINTS: 1. Johnny Smith; 2. Jeffrey Weaver; 3. Josh Beamer; 4. Cody Hauck; 5. Ethan Spotts; 6. Ethan Spotts; 7. Timmy Bittner; 8. Tyson Mowery; 9. Mitchell Holden; 10. James Layton; 11. Derek Swartz; 12. Trevor Teats; DNS Dexter Strawser

FOUR-CYLINDERS: 1. Scott Englert; 2. Jimmy Moyer; 3. Larry Spencer; 4. Blake Snyder; 5. Larry Bechdel; 6. Mike Hepner; 7. Keith Hagen; 8. Chelsie Harris; 9. Jonathan Strongfield; 10. Skylar Witchley; 11. Emily Brouse; 12. Coty Maines; 13. Mike Luther; 14. William Kephart; 15. Tim Muthler; 16. Maddox Smith; 17. Dylan Craft; 18 Cadan Kennedy; DNS: Byran Strouse, John Baney, Gavin Bilbay, Kyle Strouse, Kris Orwig Jr.


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