Dakota Schweikart claims first career win at Clinton County

PHOTO PROVIDED Sprint car driver Dakota Schweikart of Linden celebrates after his first career win at Clinton County Speedway.

MILL HALL — Linden’s Dakota Schweikart grew up watching his father Dale race at their hometown track of Clinton County Speedway. The father-duo finished first and second on several occasions with Dale as the winner as recently as two weeks ago. However Friday night, Dakota was able to get the job done, advancing from his seventh place starting spot to win his first career sprint car feature at Clinton County. Other winners of the night included Brandon Moser of Milerstown in the pro stocks, Jeffrey Weaver of Lock Haven in the 270 micro sprints, Derek Swartz of Jersey Shore in the 600 micro sprints and Blake Snyder of Montgomery in the four-cylinders.

Weaver and Josh Beamer led the field of sprint cars to the green flag for the 25-lap main event. Weaver took the early lead with fourth place starter Ryan Lynn in pursuit. By the third circuit, defending track champion and 2020 IMCA National champion Garrett Bard took over the third spot and began to pressure Lynn. On that same lap Dakota Schweikart moved into the top five.

Weaver at times maintained a half of a straight away advantage over Lynn, Bard, Josh Beamer and Schweikart, as the leaders began to encounter lapped traffic.

Gary Mellott of Flemington started on the pole for the pro stock feature event and led the opening lap. Second place starter Ray Rothfuss claimed the lead by the completion of lap number two. As Rothfuss continued to lead the race, the battle between fifth and sixth place starters, Cory Long and Brandon Moser became contested. Coming to the checkered flag, Moser was in control of the field, while Rothfuss, Long and Schilling battled for second.

Levi Brungard of Mill Hall and Denny Rinehimer led the field of 270 micro sprints to the green flag. Rinehimer took the lead with fourth place starter Bobby Sanso of Jersey Shore on his back bumper. Rinehimer led every lap and appeared to be on his way to claiming his first win of the season.

Swartz started on the pole of the 600 micro sprint feature event. Schwartz led the first lap with Cody Hauck, Weaver, Ethan Spots and Sierra Hauck in the top five.

On the opening lap of the four cylinder feature event, pole sitter Dylan Craft rolled his car several times in turn number two. The driver was uninjured. Upon the restart, Scott Englert took the lead over John Bower with Maddox Smith, Keith Haagen and Jimmy Moyer in the top five.

SPRINT CARS: 1. Dakota Schweikart; 2. Jeffrey Weaver; 3. Ryan Lynn; 4. Dale Schweikart; 5. Garrett Bard; 6. Ken Duke Jr.; 7. Aaron Jacobus; 8. Scott Lutz; 9. Derek Hauck; 10. John Walp; 11. Jarrett Cavalet; 12. Reed Thompson; 13. Matt Tebbs; 14. Devin Brenneman; 15. Dustin Prettyleaf; 16. Austin Greenland; 17. Andrew Jacobus; 18. Dave Guss Jr.; 19. Mariah Romig; 20. Quinn Roberts; 21. Frank Rusnock; 22. Josh Beamer; 23. Dylan Proctor.

PRO STOCKS: 1. Brandon Moser; 2. Cory Long; 3. AY Schilling; 4. Ray Rothfuss; 5. AJ Stroup; 6. Robert Tressler; 7. Brad Myers; 8. Noah Jensen; 9. Rich Fye; 10. Jason Smith; 11. Rooster Peters; 12. Gary Mellott; 13. Kris Orwig Sr.; 14. Logan Hile; 15. Todd Geyer; 16. Marc Bitler; 17. Brad Benton.

270 MICRO SPRINTS: 1. Jeffrey Weaver; 2. Bobby Sanso; 3. Skeetz Hockenbrock; 4. Troy Whitesel; 5. Nick Whitesel; 6. Gary Keister; 7. Logan Hammaker; 8. Matt Dixson; 9. Tom Quiggle; 10. Dan Wertman; 11. Preston Phillips; 12. Mitchell Holden; 13. Hunter Zimmerman; 14. Mac Wert; 15. Levi Brungard; 16. Jake Jones; 17. Buddy Kramer; 18. Cory Stabley; 19. James Bilger; 20. Denny Rinehimer; 21. Wyatt Rotz; 22. Sam Chamberlin; 23. Bill Frederick; 24. Timmy Bittner; 25. Rich Damore.

600 MICRO SPRINTS: 1. Derek Swartz; 2. Cody Hauck; 3. Ethan Spotts; 4. Sierra Hauck; 5. Timmy Bittner; 6. Jeffrey Weaver; 7. Dustin Roberts; 8. Dexter Strawser; 9. Mitchell Holden; 10. Josh Beamer; 11. Dermont Thompson; 12. Eric Knopp; 13. Kyle Knopp; 14. Sam Hinkle; 15. Trevor Teats; 16. Don Werner.

FOUR-CYLINDERS: 1. Blake Snyder; 2. Tim Raup; 3. Jimmy Moyer; 4. Sam Creveling; 5. Chris Small; 6. Maddox Smith; 7. Mike Hepler; 8. Skyler Witchley; 9. Joey Snook; 10. Kyle Strouse; 11. Zach Rill; 12. Hunter Flook; 13. John Bower; 14. Scott Englert; 15. Keith Haagen; 16. Chloe Smith; 17. Dillan Hoover; 18. Dylan Craft; 19. Emily Brouse; 20. Tim Muthler; 21. Austin Rothfuss; DNS: Johnny Stringfellow.


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