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METRO – Fueling an indoor or outdoor wood-burning fire requires plenty of wood. That means having ample firewood at the ready and, perhaps more importantly, keeping that wood dry.

Storing wood so it remains dry and ready to use can involve different strategies. For starters, it is important to keep firewood off the ground.

Wood that comes in contact with soil creates a natural habitat for organisms that consume wood, including insects, bacteria and fungi. A basic wood-storing structure can keep wood off of the floor.

It’s also important to know whether your wood is green or currently wet. To burn efficiently, firewood needs to be dry.

Wet wood needs ample circulation to dry out, and green wood (wood that has been recently cut) needs time to dry out and become seasoned.

Therefore, people should resist the urge to completely cover wood piles; otherwise, air cannot reach the wood.

Circulation is important for dry, seasoned wood. A tarp that covers the top of the wood and allows rain water to cascade down but still enables breezes to blow through the firewood is ideal.

Moisture will also be able to escape, and the tarp will keep the majority of the wood dry in the process.


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