Kurtz Motorsports on a roll

Kurtz Motorsports has been around for 50 years, so the business is no stranger to the ups and downs of the biking world. And Kurtz is incredibly busy.

“We are seeing a lot of young adults who are buying motorcycles, especially with the cost of gas right now. We see a lot in their late teens and early 20s,” says Michelle Kurtz, co-owner of Kurtz Motorsports with husband, Rodney Kurtz.

Located at 151 Bryson Road, just off busy Route 15 at Allenwood, Kurtz Motorsports is a one-stop shop for the hottest new powersports vehicles, including motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles and side-by-sides to name a few.

“We carry Kawasaki off-road, dual purpose and street. Within the street they have the cruiser and sport models. The Can-Am brand is a 3-wheeled motorcycle and there are two different styles and the first one is the Spyder and then the Ryker,” explains Michelle.

Motorcycles are not the only hot item.

“As a whole, business has increased in the past year. Motorcycle (sales) have increased, but not as much as the side-by-side market,” says Michelle.

It has also been a great year selling to a demographic that isn’t traditionally seen as a big segment of the biker population.

Michelle says, “There has been a slight increase (of female buyers) and we are getting more first time buyers that are females.” Michelle has been riding for 20 years, but hasn’t had much time to actually hit the road because she has been so busy at work.

“During the pandemic, our customers have actually been coming from quite a distance away.”

While business is brisk, Kurtz Motorsports has had some challenges. For instance, their used motorcycle sales have taken a downturn. Michelle notes, “Nobody is trading in right now. They are selling motorcycles themselves to get top dollar.”

Kurtz Motorsports has seen challenge in securing parts for service, reflecting a national trend that resulted from a breakdown in the supply chain.

Kurtz has been fine with securing parts for the brands it sells, but parts for other brands can be more difficult.

“It is getting harder to service other brands because we have to go through other dealerships for parts,” says Michelle.

No matter the challenges that face her business, Michelle is upbeat about her mission to help buyers hit the road.

“We consider what we sell toys and that being said, we are supplying happiness and enjoyment. In today’s world, we need to take that happiness whenever you can get it.”



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