Most Americans value immigration; most politicians do not


At a time when the American economy could use more people, restrictions on immigration continue to trap a lot of unused talent in low-productivity countries. To unleash it, the United States could simply let these immigrants in and let them work. They'd become a productive part of the system ...

The right to travel


Watching the unprecedented, forced removals of immigrants from Texas to New York City, Martha's Vineyard and the District of Columbia, I thought that my grandparents were fortunate to have entered the United States in an era, though xenophobic toward those from Southern Europe, that did not ...

Dear Annie: Getting too cozy during quarantine


Dear Annie: When COVID hit, my boyfriend and I — who already lived together — began spending every waking minute together, as we were both working from home. I honestly loved it. I never get tired of him. For the past two years, I love that we have been able to eat lunch together every day, ...

Liberal hypocrites


Martha’s Vineyard should change its official name to NIMBY — not in my backyard — Island, given its swift deportation of 50 Venezuelan migrants last week. Hoity-toity Democrats who own multimillion-dollar vacation homes on the exclusive enclave that overwhelmingly voted for Joe Biden in ...

Testosterone injections most likely led to a very severe stroke


DEAR DR. ROACH: My 75-year-old husband was frustrated with not being able to retain an erection. He talked to his doctor about it, and she prescribed 200 mg of testosterone cypionate, which he would inject into his bottom once a week. He did this for four months, and then had a severe ...

Iran’s morality police and Pa’s Republican party

Letters to the editor

PAMELA J. DILLETT Lock Haven Last week, 22-year-old Mahsa Amini was arrested and beaten to death by the Iranian Morality Police because her head covering wasn’t tightly secured. In Iran church and state are tightly linked. The country’s constitution states all laws must be based on ...