The future of our town

Letters to the editor

This is in response to Maureen Ruhl’s letter to the editor in The Express on May 13, 2022. I will address this as a Renovo Council member and a lifelong resident of Renovo. I am supporting the Renove Energy Center’s plan to build a natural-gas-fired, electric power plant in Renovo. I ...

Applause, Applause!


I am an elderly woman who was sitting outside near my steps one day with my dog, Chaser, when I was unable to get back up by myself. I called for my neighbors Lori and Gary Brungard, because they are kind enough to help me when needed. After a few moments, Chaser went to their door and began to ...

We must strengthen our energy self-sufficiency

Our View

We agree with 10th District U.S. Rep. Fred Keller that America needs to ramp up energy exploration and production to keep our nation from relying on any foreign countries — certainly our adversaries — for oil or gas. Now before some get all up in arms over this issue, you need to read ...

A big concern

Letters to the editor

I need first to give you a little background on my life. Both of my parents were born here. One set of grandparents farmed land in Swissdale; my other grandfather was a mail delivery man in Mill Hall. So, our family connections to this community run deep. My parents flew Piper aircraft, and ...

Dear Annie: Dad can’t deal


Dear Annie: I have been with my boyfriend “Scott” for almost 11 years. We have been together since high school. We had a baby when we were young, and I’ve worked since I was of legal age to do so, only taking a break for maternity leave. Scott didn’t start working until our daughter was ...

Lamar Township

Letters to the editor

I’ve been a resident of Lamar Township all of my life. I have ridden my four-wheeler or side-by-side some seven-tenths of a mile from my house to my camp road for years, not hurting anybody, going 40 miles per hour on them. I am not marking up the roads or anything else. Tractors and all ...