Eighth graders complete their final projects

PHOTO PROVIDED 8th grade student completing her final project.

Eighth grade students at CMMS finished their school year remotely working on a Food Truck Project. Students were given 5 weeks to work on this project, and each week had a different content focus. The driving question for the entire project was, “How do I design a food truck that local customers will buy from?”

Week one’s project focus was ELA. Eighth graders read some articles on food trucks to gain background knowledge of food trucks. Students were required to create a KWL chart to demonstrate their knowledge after reading the articles or answer questions after each article. Students also had to create a journal entry of 3-4 paragraphs discussing and explaining how their food truck process would develop.

The second week of the project was focused on the content of Social Studies. Students had to complete a Web Quest to gain knowledge on the evolution of the modern food truck. Then students created a timeline of events to represent the evolution of the food truck. The time line needed to have 8-10 dates, these dates needed to be significant to something in the history of timelines. Each date also required a picture to go with it. Eighth grade students then had to determine where and when in Clinton County their food truck would go.

Week three of the 8th grade food truck assignment was math content related. Students researched recipes online, and then shopped online to find pricing, calculate cost, total cost, and sale prices for each food they decided to sell. Students also learned about gross profit and yearly net profit through provided articles. Each student was required to calculate their gross profit and yearly net profit based on specific criteria.

The fourth week of the project was science based. Students learned all about simple machines. Science teachers provided background knowledge through an introduction to simple machines activity. Then, students used this knowledge to focus their thinking to simple machines used in the kitchen. Eighth graders were required to determine which tools in the kitchen of the food truck were the definite “must haves”. Students created a list of the simple machines needed in their food truck kitchen. Students did this through either a Google doc list, a slideshow or Power Point Presentation, or a poster.

The final week of the 8th grade food truck project students were required to create a way to advertise their food truck.


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