Sixth grade amusement park project

Sixth graders at CMMS (and Bucktail) began working remotely on an Amusement Park Project during the week of April 27th. This project was part of the required new learning for the last part of the school year. This project encompassed all content areas including ELA, Social Studies, Math, and Science.

In the first week of the project, 6th graders were given some article to read and videos to watch to learn about amusement parks. Students then were required to complete a KWL chart. This chart included columns for what the students Know about amusement parks, what students Wonder about amusement parks, and what the Learned after reading the articles and watching the videos.

The second week of the project was focused on Social Studies. Within this week students were required to determine where in our country their amusement park would be located. Students also designed a map key, created a map scale and compass rose. These requirements became the start of their amusement park map plan.

The third week of the project was math focused. Students needed to draw a draft of their map, including rides, games, and food locations. Students were tasked with creating 10 rides and 10 games. Each ride and game needed to include ticket pricing and riding/playing requirements. Students also created a menu with pricing for their park.

The fourth week of this project was all about the forces in motion. Students used their science knowledge to determine whether their 10 rides had kinetic or potential energy. Students also had to determine if each ride had gravitational pull.

In the final week of the project 6th graders put the finishing touches on their amusement park maps and completed a reflection on the project as a whole. The reflection included questions related to careers in the amusement park field.

Sixth grader, Brody Rhine said, “I enjoyed the enormous amount of creativity that was needed in this project. It was challenging to try to make objects on the map the correct size relative to the other items. I enjoyed working on this project at home, my parents gave a little bit of input and I felt like I had plenty of time to complete the assignment. However, I was a little nervous about doing this project virtually, one week my submitted work did not get through to my teacher, and I had no idea that it didn’t work until my teacher informed me. It was a difficult assignment, but I am happy with the overall results and I feel like my fellow students have a similar mentality about their work.”

Kullen McDermitt said, “I enjoyed the coloring process of the whole thing, but everything else was a struggle over the computer. I would have enjoyed it much more at school I think.”

Sixth graders survived the completion of the Amusement Park project and will be ready to tackle more projects such as these in the future!


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