Walnut Street Christian School names honor students

AVIS — The following students were named to honor rolls at Walnut Street Christian School:


Second Grade — Carson Brooks, Simon Eakin, Lincoln Krick, Rhyan Sox, Owen Williams, and Victoria Zollitsch

Fourth Grade — Thomas Barrett, Evelynne Krick, and Gabriel Winkleman

Fifth Grade — Adam Thomas

Sixth Grade — McKinzie Double and Acer Rosypal

Seventh Grade — Dominic Brooks

Eighth Grade — Micah Borowicz

Ninth Grade — Oakton Rosypal

Eleventh Grade — Leah Campbell, Jaralyn Croak, and Haley Mumma

Twelfth Grade — Mackenzie Conklin and William Fishter


First Grade — Ethan Bodle, Lillian Kilpatrick, and Vanessa Winkleman

Second Grade — Nathaniel Dick, Graden Kilpatrick, Malory Klemick, Aurora Motter, and Christian Williams

Third Grade — Kennedy Brooks, Caitlin McDermott, Mackeson Packer, and Jayson Way

Fourth Grade — Ella Garman, Elijah Rinker, Hannah Schildroth, and Keegan Tomb

Fifth Grade — Myles Brooks, Malachi Dick, Noland Holter, Dylan Shughart, Liam Solarek, Megan Suerh, Abigail Sylvanio, Cameron Terry, and Laila VanGorder

Sixth Grade — Adilyn Herlocher and Ella Seyler

Seventh Grade — Danielle Miller and Adrienne Zollitsch

Eighth Grade — Sawyer Knapp, Sophia Rinker, Anthony Seyler, and Bruce Thomas

Ninth Grade — Nathanael Barrett

Tenth Grade — Sydney Kennedy

Eleventh Grade — Jacob Borowicz

Twelfth Grade — Alyson Zell


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