KC Foundation doles out awards to CM grads

LOCK HAVEN — The Keystone Central Foundation, the non-profit organization that supports the students of the district, awarded over $50,000 in scholarships to local graduates at Central Mountain and Bucktail high schools.

The following awards and scholarships were awarded:

Alice Fredericks Award, $250, Megan Marino

Anna Elizabeth Bullock Memorial Scholarship, $250, Honesty Boone

Anne Healy Bullock Scholarship, $250, Tatum Malone

Barbara K. Miller Hepler Memorial Scholarship Award, $750, Dylan Maggs and Savanna Kelly

Brad Kline Memorial Award $129.96, Carson Workman

Bruce Bechdel Memorial Award, $100, Lauren Heverly

Bucktail Class of 2016, $24, Joshua Linberg, Hannah Bradley

Bucktail Faculty Award, $50, Cameron Sockman

Caroline Garthoff Kalmbach Award, $100, Eleanor Croak

Carrie Jo Marie Sanders Memorial Award, $100, Lauren Dudak

Carter Allison Cross Country Award, $500, Jed Moyer, Bryce Gray, Ellyn Newman

Courtney Jarrett Memorial Award, $50, Destini Hanley, Ellie Dershem

CTC Jake Ronald Baney Memorial Scholarship, $100, Taryn Zimmerman

David L. Mitchell Sr. Athletic Scholarship,$108.58, Alyssa Fisher

David L. Mitchell Sr. Athletic Scholarship, $100, Cy Probst

DiAnn H. Stuempfle Scholarship, $200, Destini Hanley

Dustin Flook Memorial Scholarship, $250, Jason Rinker

Edna Mae Simcox Memorial Award, $500, Carolina Carpenetti

Endless Mountain Student Award, $500, Rory Dwyer, Gage Sutliff

Ethel (Cissy) Riggle Scholarship (Bucktail), $250, Cameron Sockman

Evelyn A. McKeague Award, $50, Angela Intallura, Cameron Sockman

Excellence in Computer Technology, $50, Rory Dwyer, Ashton Crawford

Excellence in Mathematics, $50, Rory Dwyer

Frank Dwyer Memorial Award, $500, Noah Grenninger

Harold “Pete” Powlus Memorial Award, $100, Ella Talbot, Elijah Persun

Harold F. Muthler Memorial Award, $100, Jason Bechdel

Harry D. St. Clair Liberal Arts, Class of 1946 Award, $100, Lindsay Borges

Helen H. Tussey Family and Consumer Science award, $100, Saige Allen

Jack and Polly Hetrick Random Acts of Kindness Award, $200, Hunter Croak

Jack K. Hetrick Scholarship, $10,000 to Rory Dwyer; $1,000 to Kylie Swartz; $5,000 to Ashley Lose, and $5,500 to Tiffany Brungart.

John Englert Memorial Award, $500, Madison Packer

Kristin Brandt Community Service Award, $100, Chase Long

Leonard G. YOung III Memorial Award, $2,400 each to Lance Bowman and Chase Long

LHHS Alumni Assn. English Award, $100, Kyla Waite

LHHS Class of 1977, $200, Morgan Brian

Lock Haven Class of 1950, $200, Jared Schlesinger

Louise Brown Richey Art Award, $250, Miles Mayes

Mary D. Lorson Memorial Award, $100, Victoria Parker

Mary E. Grenninger Memorial Award, $100, Madison Packer, Caleb Porter

Mary F. Sharp-Ward Memorial Award, $300 each to Dytona Yarnell , Maverick Rutt, Craig Corbin, Brayden Shaffer, Ellie Dershem, Bailey Brungard, AddisonWenker, Cameron Steele.

Mary Louise Bittner Memorial Vo-Tech Scholarship, $200, Jason Bechdel

Mary M. Cook Nursing Award, $500, Kylie Swartz, Evie Jane Rembold

Mildred J. (Millie) Crissman Memorial Music Award, $200, Nathaniel Noel

Mr. and Mrs. Norval J. Remick Award, $200, Gianna Renzo, Carolina Carpenetti, Lauren Heverly, Mallory Eck, Alexis Strouse

Niles and Frances Keesler Academic Achievement Award, $150, Savanna Kelly

Ralph and Anna Genua Family Award, $300, Kelly Long

Ray Rathmell Memorial Award, $100, Rory Dwyer

Robert Boyd Scholarship, $500, Nicholas Miller

Robert W. Bullock Memorial Award, $250, Saige Allen

Ronald and Anna Mapstone Family Scholarship, $2,000, Ashley Bowman

Sam Casilio Award, $100, Holden Fanning

Senior Project Award $500, Carolina Carpentetti, Alexis Strouse, Lance Bowman, Gianna Renzo, Joseph Kolasa (Bucktail)

Tennis Camp Scholarship Award, $100, Carolina Carpentetti, Olivia Anastos.

Autism Advancement and Awareness Scholarship, $500, Jason Bechdel, Gunner Markert

Tony Getz Scholarship, $100, Gage Sutliff (Bucktail)

Walter “Bull” Levine Memorial Award, $100, Caleb Porter

William Holland Jr. and Ann Holland Scholarship, $1,000, Olivia Miller

William P. Kellerman Memorial Scholarship, $1,500, Kelly Long, Victoria Parker.


Other awards omitted from the original list printed in The Express include:

Barbara J. Madenford Memorial Scholarship, Nettie.

Barbara K. Miller Hepler Memorial Scholarship, Dylan Maggs, Savanna Kelly

Carter Allison Cross Country Awards, Bryce Gray, Ellyn Newman, Jedidiah Moyer

Chris Williams Memorial Award, Mason Rickert

Choral Music Award, Kelly Long, Miles Mayes, Nathaniel Noel, Victoria Parker, Colton Ripka, Jacelyn Renninger, Ella Talbot, Nettie Vernon, Nash Welch, Natalie Young

Clinton County Medical Award, Emily Portillo Rau-dales

Fromm Family English Award, Raigan Lindquist

Mr. & Mrs. Norval Remick Award, Alexis Strouse

The Autism Advancement and Awareness Scholarship, Jason Bechdel, Gunner Vuocolo

Toner Auto Parks Band Award, Holden Fanning

Toner Auto Parts Pre-Med Award, Emily Portillo Raudales


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