Riley, Cara Andrus

Riley, Cara Andrus

These cute little kids belong to Courtney Andrus of Lock Haven.

Riley is 3 and goes to YMCA Daycare. His girlfriend Ariel and best friend Emmitt are there, too. He is smart for her age, knows songs, counting, colors, numbers and all the months and days. H knows the way to Grammy and Pappy’s house and  loves to go to McDonald’s to play with Mommy and Sissy. They both love the outdoors.

Cara Andrus is 1 year old. Cara was born with CMV and has had a lot of hospital stays and delays. She is almost walking. She can say Momma, Pap-Pap and Riley. She can wave bye and say “all done” in sign language.

They are blessed with grandparents Glen and Tammy Andrus and Sherry Young of Lock Haven, great grandparents Donna and Larry Riggle and great-great gram Gladys Brown, all of Jersey Shore.

They are also blessed with their special great aunt and uncle, Stacy and Dick. They have angel grandparents, Carrie Ziegler and Ruth Andrus.

Cara is also blessed with grandparents Greg and Kim McDermitt of Lock Haven.


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